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  • December 15, 2021 7 min read

    Choosing dog crates for your pups means you want the best for them.

    But if you’re looking for ideas on dog crate furniture that’s perfect for your beloved dog, here are the top furniture dog crates according to the size of the dogs they are most suitable for.

    Let’s dive right in.


    Why size is essential when shopping for dog crate furniture

    Just like with humans, you don’t want to let your dog stay in a dog crate that does not fit them. Otherwise, it might hurt your dog’s physical condition. 

    There are many purposes for dog crates, but its most significant goal is to provide your Fido with a safe space. However, dog crates cannot be a safe space if your dog can’t fit inside the crate.

    For this reason, it’s vital that you pick the right size of dog crate furniture for your dog to have enough room to sit, stand, turn around, and lie down.


    2 best dog crate furniture for small dogs

    1) PAWD (Small) from KindTail

    kindtail small pawd for small dogs

    Small PAWD is a small dog crate from KindTail that you may want to check out. It is easily collapsible, with its doors designed to stay open. 

    Its small size and materials make the PAWD lightweight at seven pounds and easy to carry with its built-in handle. Additionally, you can rest assured that your dogs are safe since its nesting space has a beautiful, secure design and no sharp corners or edges.

    This furniture dog crate is suitable for pets that weigh around 5-15 pounds. But, it would be better if your dog is shorter than the crate measurements since the crate is 21 inches long, 16 inches high, and 15.75 inches wide. 


    Dog parents appreciate the small PAWD from KindTail because of its style that considers your pooch’s comfort and safety. It also does not look like a jail cell, so it’s a win-win for both the dog parents and their beloved Fidos.

    You don’t have to work hard in assembling it because it is easy to build the crate. With its sturdy build, even the naughtiest and most energetic dog can have this safe space without breaking it. Additionally, KindTail has terrific customer service, making other pet parents appreciate its small PAWDs even more.  

    Considering what other pet guardians have to say about the PAWD, you likely won’t regret buying this small dog furniture crate, especially if you love traveling a lot.


    2) Wooden Pet Crate

    Wooden Pet Crate

    This small furniture dog crate is made in Thailand and is only for small dogs weighing at most 10 pounds. So, if your dog is larger than 10 pounds, you may want to rethink getting this wooden pet crate.

    When you get it out of the box, you’ll have no problem assembling this dog crate furniture because the instructions are right on the spot. Furthermore, this wooden furniture-style dog crate is highly resistant to Fidos with a hobby of chewing their way out.

    However, if you have forceful and aggressive small canines, they may be able to chew their way out, so be careful in choosing this beautiful crate. 

    For an extra touch of class, you can use the top of your dog furniture crate to put various ornaments, or it can work as storage for accessories or treats that you give to your dogs.


    Dog parents love this crate because it perfectly fits a small house with a tight space. It’s a beautiful combination of a nightstand and a dog crate at the same time.

    It may be hard to find the perfect pillow bed that can fit in the crate, but it’s nothing a custom-made pillow bed cannot solve.

    Dog parents appreciate this furniture-style dog crate because it can make your room cleaner and less cluttered. Dog parents have been sharing how their beloved dogs love it to the fullest!


    2 best dog crate furniture for medium-sized dogs

    1) PAWD (Medium) from KindTail

    kindtail pawd medium for medium-sized dogs

    Like the small PAWD, the medium PAWD is easily collapsible, with its door having a design to stay open. It’s lightweight, too, so there is no hassle in putting your dog inside it and carrying the crate itself. 

    It also has a beautiful, safe design, with no sharp corners or edges. Of course, it is bigger than the small furniture dog crate of the same model we mentioned earlier, so it measures 26 inches long, 21 inches high, and 20 inches wide.

    It might be a bit heavy at 12 pounds, but the dogs suitable for this crate are those that weigh around 10 pounds to 25 pounds.

    If your dog is over 25 pounds, you have to be careful because buying this will likely make your dog uncomfortable.


    Many dog parents appreciate this dog crate because of its modernity, aesthetic, and functionality. They even shared that their beloved Fidos do not tend to chew on the crate compared to when they were in a wire crate.

    The easy assemblage of the crate also helps dog moms and dads focus more on familiarizing their dogs with the inside of the dog crate. Light and sturdy despite being bigger than the small PAWD, the crate is a favorite among dog parents.

    Another thing that makes it an excellent choice among dog parents is the security it provides. This feature makes it superb for anxious dogs because they can easily see things outside the crate.

    2) Double Door Dog Crate

    Double Door Dog Crate

    A medium, furniture-style dog crate with a beautiful design, this double-door dog crate is fantastic for a nightstand. It’s made of solid wood and panels with metal sides, thus ensuring greater durability.

    If you want extra comfort for your adorable dog, this furniture dog crate has a padded, removable dog bed where your Fido can relax.

    If you hate inconvenience, this crate’s double-door design gives you easy access to the crate since it got two entrances and exits.

    Since this is a medium dog crate, its measurements include a length of 23 inches, a height of 32 inches, and a width of 25.7 inches.

    It weighs around 55 pounds, so you cannot carry it quickly. However, you can move it across the room if you want.


    This dog furniture crate has good ventilation and comes with a full view for your dog’s peaceful time inside. The top is durable and smooth enough for you to choose home decors like magazines, plants, or family pictures.

    Dog parents have commented on the need to check the instructions before assembling the crate to avoid wasting time and getting confused by yourself. However, there have also been comments about flimsy locks, so the crate may not be suitable for naughty and aggressive dogs.

    This furniture dog crate is an excellent lifetime investment for many canine parents with its aesthetics and quality. So, why not take the chance to try this double-door dog crate, right?


    2 best dog crate furniture for large dogs

    1) Large Pet Crate

    Large Pet Crate

    This dog furniture crate is a must-have, small home for your dog and would fit perfectly within your home.

    The wood this crate consists of is made from ash wood and acts as an end table. Its top also has enough space for lamps and plants in pots, while the area beneath it can be a perfect spot for putting everything your dog needs. 

    Another fantastic feature of this crate is that it is rust-resistant and rot-resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its durability and long-lasting quality. You can even clean it easily and remove the top for easy accessibility.


    This dog furniture crate comes with fascinating packaging and proper delivery. Dog parents have complimented the quality of the dog crate because of its durability and aesthetics.

    It may be more expensive than many other dog crate options, but it’s worth the money. With lots of space for moving around, your dog would surely love this large crate and feel safe and comfortable within its confines.

    It may have a bit of smell from the furnish, but it will eventually disappear as days go by. It has received a lot of positive reviews from dog parents, so buying this is definitely worth a shot!

    2) Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table

    Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table

    This dog crate furniture might be what you’ve been looking for as a suitable decor for your stylish house! You can use this crate as your stylish end table where you can put your lamps, glasses of wine, plants, and the like.

    You don’t need to worry about your pup’s chewing tendencies since the metal enclosure bars are safe and sturdy. You need to be careful of the wood, though, because the wood can form dents from all the chewing.

    This furniture dog crate has just the right amount of space you want for your beloved large canines. The measurement of this large crate includes a length of 41 inches, a height of 31 inches, and a width of 28 inches.   


    Dog parents have complimented the aesthetics of this dog crate’s neutral color.

    A little warning from canine parents who bought this crate, however: it may not hold aggressive dogs in place since it comes with rather loose latches. It’s also more costly than many pet parents like, so you have to take that into consideration when buying this.

    Nonetheless, this dog furniture crate is effortless to assemble and comes with straightforward instructions right out of the box.

    The double gate makes it more convenient and a great setup for both your furbaby and for yourself. No doubt that your dogs will love it right away.


    All in All

    Have you settled on a furniture-style dog crate to buy? Hopefully, the above options have made it easier for you to visualize the perfect crate and size for your beloved Fido!

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