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  • May 27, 2022 5 min read

    Do you travel often and worry a lot about leaving your pooch back at home? There’s one thing that can solve your worries: a collapsible travel dog crate!

    If you want to bring your Fido with you somewhere, a collapsible travel dog crate will be more than helpful. You can put them there when traveling and keep them somewhere safe when you let your pooch out.

    If you’re not sure what type of collapsible travel dog crates work for your pup, we’ve enumerated below a few options you need to consider.

    Let’s start.

    What to look for in a collapsible travel dog crate

    things to look for when buying a collapsible travel dog crate

    There are plenty of collapsible travel dog crates to choose from in the market today. So before you get confused about which ones to pick, here are few things you need to consider:

    1) Collapsibility of the travel dog crate

    More than anything else, there's one thing that dog parents look for in a travel dog crate: its portability. You’ll want to buy a collapsible plastic dog crate that is easy to break down, pop up, and even keep

    Because of this, you need to check how collapsible a travel dog crate you’re considering is. A collapsible soft dog crate that you can fold easily into a convenient size can help you save not just time and energy but also space.


    2) Size of the collapsible travel dog crate

    consider the size of your collapsible travel dog crate

    Since you will be traveling, the size of your collapsible travel dog crate is essential. You need to choose a dog crate that you can safely and securely move from one place to another.

    More importantly, choose a size that can make your pooch feel safe and comfortableA large collapsible dog crate is perfect for big dogs who like to sit, stand, stretch out, and turn around.


    3) Materials used for the collapsible dog crate

    Whether you pick a small or large collapsible dog crate, it’s an investment. Therefore, you need to make sure that it’s composed of materials that will last for many years.

    For instance, if your dog is a heavy chewer, a collapsible plastic dog crate may not work, so a crate made of wire may be a better choice.

    It might also be a good idea to choose a water-resistant collapsible travel dog crate. After all, it relieves you of worries when traveling under inclement weather.


    4) Your dog’s temperament and behavior

    consider your dog's behavior when buying a collapsible travel dog crate

    One of the most important things you need to consider when buying a collapsible travel dog crate is your Fido's behaviors and temperament. If they’re trained dogs or have a quiet personality, a collapsible soft dog crate or a collapsible plastic dog crate might work best for them.


    5) How much the collapsible dog crate costs

    As with anything else, price is a significant factor if you’re looking to buy a collapsible travel dog crate.

    While it’s tempting to buy the cheapest travel dog crate you can find, in the end, you’ll still get what you pay for. Thus, it’s more important to choose a travel dog crate at a price that matches its quality.

    Five best collapsible travel dog crates

    Collapsible travel dog crate #1: Kindtail

    kindtail collapsible travel dog crate

    Need a modern look and elegant design for your collapsible travel dog crate?

    Kindtail offers PAWD—an easily collapsible and lightweight dog crate that also serves as your pooch’s nesting space.

    It has a built-in handle for you to easily carry when you travel. You also don’t have to worry about your disabled animals' safety since it has no sharp edges or corners.

    Available in small and medium sizes, this collapsible plastic dog crate is a reliable option for travel, and you can even fit it into a suitcase.


    Collapsible travel dog crate #2: Ruff 'N Ruffus

    Ruff’ N Ruffus collapsible soft dog crate

    If you want to find a crate where your furbaby can roam around and stretch, this travel dog crate is perfect for you.

    It’s spacious enough so that your pooch can exercise in a safe environment.

    It also has a zipped, eight-panel design, so your senior dog can easily go in and out the door. With its massive space, you can even put several small dogs and let them play inside.  

    You don’t need to worry about your pups being too active inside this collapsible soft dog crate since it’s made of durable materials that make it hard for any pooch to claw.

    It’s also water-resistant, and there are protected seams and reinforced corners to make the crate long-lasting.

    You can easily set this large collapsible dog crate and fold it flat for storage travel.


    Collapsible travel dog crate #3: PetNation

    PetNation collapsible travel dog crate

    If you’re going for a practical look, this collapsible dog crate might meet your travel expectations.

    Its design is made of strong woven mesh fabric, while its frame consists of durable and robust steel. It also has string zippers that you can lock in place.

    Putting it in the car won’t destroy your car’s interiors or even your home decor since this collapsible soft dog crate has rounded corners. You can also safely place a few dog crate-appropriate items inside it.


    Collapsible travel dog crate #4: Love's Cabin

    Love’s Cabin collapsible soft dog crate

    Want a collapsible soft dog crate that is affordable with top-quality features? This may be the perfect dog crate for you!
    This collapsible soft dog crate measures 36” and can accommodate various dog sizes. Plus, it has seatbelt straps to keep it safely secured while your drive.

    Cleaning this large collapsible dog crate is also a breeze since it’s waterproof. You definitely won’t regret getting it, too, with its mesh ventilation, large zipper door, and side panels.


    Collapsible travel dog crate #5: EliteField

    elitefield large collapsible dog crate

    This collapsible soft dog crate is a must-try for its strong materials and durable fabric. It also comes with a carrying bag and fleece bed, so you can rest assured that your pup will remain comfortable for the rest of your trip.

    You also have plenty of variety, as this travel dog crate offers five sizes and 16 colors. It’s a large collapsible dog crate that makes a great option for large dogs who need more stretching room.

    So, which collapsible travel dog crate should you choose?

    In the end, it all boils down to your dog's preference and whether it will fulfill your traveling needs.

    Still, the list of collapsible travel dog crates above should serve you well since they have a whole range of great features.

    Want to make your pup more comfortable while traveling in their dog crate? Kindtail also has a PAWD pad and PAWD loungers for pet crate beds.