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  • November 09, 2021 6 min read

    Are you thinking of getting a suitable indoor dog kennel for your beloved Fido?

    Many dog parents we know prefer to buy dog kennels indoors that would be perfect for their dog’s relaxing and comfortable go-to place.

    Here, we explore further everything you need to know that has to do with having the best indoor dog kennels.

    What is an indoor dog kennel?

    what is an indoor dog kennel

    Indoor dog kennels are like dog apartments or house structures with enough space to restrain your dog and let them still move around and exercise. This type of dog kennel is meant for indoor use.

    Because it’s similar to a dog house placed inside the house, its materials usually consist of metal bars, wire mesh, or plastic.

    An indoor dog kennel is a valuable tool for dog parents and is a safe place for dogs. 

    What is a dog crate?

    what is a kindtail pawd dog crate

    On the other hand, dog crate materials constitute either plastic or metal that is collapsible. It’s an enclosed pen that is big enough for your dog to turn around and stand up.

    Its purpose is to become your dogs’ go-to spot, where they can have their beds and sanctuaries. It’s also useful for when there’s no one to supervise your pups.

    Another purpose for dog crates is to house-train your pooch and prevent destructive behavior. It’s also portable for travel and is important for your canine’s security and safety.

    Dog crates vs indoor dog kennels

    Here are some of the primary differences between a dog crate and an indoor dog kennel:

    1) In terms of the materials used

    dog kennel materials and dog crate materials

    The best indoor dog kennels use solid and durable materials like wood and stone to protect your Fido from exposure. This is to ensure that the dog kennel avoids deterioration from similar elements.

    For dog crates, there are various options for materials you can choose from. Metals and plastics are popular for their design flexibility. 

    There are also soft dog crates made from fabrics that offer collapsibility for convenience.

    2) In terms of their purpose

    Dog kennels indoors are permanent, and their purpose is to offer shelter to your dogs and keep them in place. It is an ideal way for keeping guard dogs restrained when they are out of duty.

    On the other hand, dog parents use crates to transport their dogs. Sometimes, it focuses on safety rather than portability, and other times, it is a sleeping spot and crate training for discipline and minimizing roaming.

    3) In terms of their physical features

    dog crate physical features and dog kennel physical features

    As we stated earlier, indoor dog kennels are like dog houses built inside the house. Hence, it’s like a small house with a slated roof design, usually closed off with just a door or an entryway. 

    On the other hand, dog crates usually have cube-like shapes surrounded by complete restrictions on all sides. They have meshes on their walls for visibility and aeration.

    Why you should get dog kennels indoors

    Dog kennels, especially when used indoors, offer a den-like environment inside your home. For some dogs, this den-like environment can be a solace when they feel stressed.

    Here are a number of reasons why you need to get dog kennels indoors:

    1) An indoor dog kennel provides enough room.

    why get dog kennels indoors because it provides enough room

    Since it’s not possible to use a leash all the time, the best indoor dog kennels give enough room for your dogs to run around and play. This dog kennel is a perfect opportunity for your dog to have a safe place where they can easily rest, play, and sleep.

    2) A dog kennel indoors can keep your dog comfortable and safe

    Using an indoor dog kennel means that your dog gets well-ventilated fencing for fresh air and light.

    Moreover, dog kennels aren’t only for the comfort of your dog but also for your family members and visitors who may set foot in your home.

    3) An indoor dog kennel is suitable for house training.

    indoor dog kennel for house training

    House training is usually hard, but using dog kennels indoors can make it a whole lot easier. You can use one to gradually teach your canine companions about discipline and control.

    With an indoor dog kennel, potty training would be an easy process. So, the next time you see indoor dog kennels for sale, you might want to try checking them out.

    Types of indoor dog kennels

    1) Plastic dog kennels

    Plastic indoor dog kennels are the least attractive, but dogs love them because of their coziness.

    With a plastic dog kennel indoors, it would be difficult for your dog to escape. Not only that, but a plastic material also makes it easy to store when not in use.

    One to note, however, is that it’s also challenging to clean and absorbs odors. Furthermore, if your dog loves to chew, your dog might chew this plastic dog kennel, too.

    2) Wire dog kennel

    wire dog kennel

    This type of indoor dog kennel is a popular choice for many dog parents and owners. No surprise there since wire dog kennels are easy to clean and have good ventilation.

    With a wire dog kennel, your dog won’t be able to escape, and the kennel will also not smell if you properly clean it, unlike with plastic dog kennels. Still, you need to keep in mind that wired dog kennels are prone to rust and can be heavy.

    3) Soft-sided dog kennel

    This type of dog kennel is the most lightweight out of all the kennels here. But, it has one limitation: it can only cater to dogs with small stature.

    This means that it wouldn’t be a good option if you have a giant dog, so finding one of the large indoor dog kennels would be a better option.

    One advantage of the soft-sided dog kennel, though, is that you can bring this for travel and use it to easily store your pups.

    4) Fashion dog kennel

    fashion dog kennel indoors

    Some fashion dog kennels are wooden or rattan-constructed. Some dog parents even consider them the most stylish kennel while still being functional.

    However, if your dog tends to display destructive behaviors, we don’t recommend this kennel since it is prone to destruction. But if your dog is gentle, a wooden fashion kennel would be great for your dog and your interior.   

    5) Heavy-duty dog kennel

    This indoor dog kennel is probably the sturdiest out of the kennels here. It is a bit costly, but when your dog is as chaotic as a tornado, this would be the most suitable kennel for them.

    Choosing the right size for your indoor dog kennel

    One of the worries a dog parent has is whether or not they’re getting the perfect size for their pup.

    If you find yourself with the same concern, here’s what we suggest:

    1) Measure your dog.

    measure your dog for their perfect dog kennel indoor size

    When you see your dog standing, measure them from the nose to the base of their tail for the length and when you see your dog sitting down, measure the height.

    2) Choose a dog kennel indoors that’s larger than your dog.

    Now that you have your dog’s measurement, choose an indoor dog kennel that is 2 inches larger than your dogs’ height if they’re small and 4 inches larger if they’re from a large breed.

    If your dog is still a puppy, you can consider the ideal height and length of their adult version and use the divider to limit the space they take up inside the kennel.

    Don’t forget to keep in mind the space in your house to fit the kennel.

    4 of the Best Indoor dog kennel brands

    1) ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel

    ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel

    One of the recommended kennels you can try is this 48” soft-sided dog kennel that you can use indoors and outdoors. It has various color options  and even comes with a waterproof cloth.

    This dog kennel is ideal for puppies and has a good environment with breathable mesh material. 

    2) Internet’s Best Wooden Dog Kennel with Pet Bed

    internet's best wooden dog kennel with pet bed

    This wooden dog kennel may be one of the best indoor dog kennels you can find. It has a dog bed, and you can even use it as a side table. 

    Yet, despite its quality and durability, this may not be a good partner for chewy dogs. Nevertheless, if you are confident with your dog’s temperament, you may want to buy this when you see indoor dog kennels for sale.

    3) Paws & Pals Extra Large Dog Crate

    Paws & Pals Extra Large Dog Crate

    As one of the best metal dog kennels in the market, it would be a blessing to own one! It’s durable and even waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any damage right away.

    You can also fold it so that it’s easy to store. This kennel is one of the larger indoor dog kennels around, so it’s one of the best indoor dog kennels if you have a large dog.

    4) IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen with Door

    IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen with Door

    This kennel is one of the best dog playpens that can also act as a dog kennel indoors.

    Functional and flexible, it is suitable for small puppies to medium-sized dogs.

    You can also shape it any way you want to fit the space inside your house.

    All in all

    Getting the best indoor dog kennels requires patience and research.

    You need to have good eyes to ensure that your dog will enjoy and be comfortable to have one as a place they can call their own.

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