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Sage Green


  • • PAWD is not approved for FAA; however, a collapsed unit can be checked in.

    • PAWD currently comes in only one size; we are planning to produce bigger sizes soon.


Customer Reviews

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Just Perfect

My new pup loves his crate! He goes in on his own throughout the day and even sleeps throughout the night, only waking once! I thought the pad wouldn't be plush enough but he loves it! I even bought a fluffier bed to try inside of it but he hated it and preferred the KindTail pad. I'm a first time dog owner and was so pleasantly surprised how much he loves the crate. It is super stylish, blends in with my decor, and light enough that I can move it around when needed. Love it!

High style, pup loves

I love the super stylish look of this crate. With its pattern it seems like it has a cozier, den-like feel compared to the wire options, and my pup took to it right away. Easy to assemble, lightweight, and so easy on the eyes. These aren’t deal breakers for me but a couple things that would make this even better would be a handle at top and a removable divider for a growing puppy.

Both my pets love the PAWS

My skittles loves her new home, it’s comfy for her and looks better than the cages looking kennel. It’s so comfy my cat evicts her during the day to nap. The pink looks great in the living room, and saves soooo much space. 


My puppy loves this crate, I was nervous he wouldn’t. I like that it’s “stylish” so it fits in more like furniture in common areas. Reason being of giving 4/5 starts is due to the door of the Pawd. It’s kind of a pain to lock and unlock when using. If that would be fixed. I would give 5/5. Otherwise this crate is fantastic and would buy again in a heart beat!

Cute and easy!

Lightweight, easy to assemble once I read the directions, and this really benefits people with arthritis due to the ease of the clips. I often find myself wrestling and struggling to open and assemble the metal crates. Also, this is a lot better looking and the door can stay open flat and does not effect the pattern when open like that which is a nice detail. For the cost I do wish it was made in America (USA), BUT other than that I think it's a great crate for my small dog and the ease of assembly/ dis is wicked nice and the fact that its also its own carrier. It also has the 1 year warranty which eases my concern about any of the plastics that could break (i don't know that they will but this is a good plus). Also the packaging and message from the company lets you know they care about their pets and suggestions. Maybe lower the price by $20 and likely that would lead to more sales, and maybeeeee create an accessory tray/ organizer we can place on the top? like a poop bag leash station? toy box? a good looking indoor pee pad/potty (keep in mind potty patch and frisco offer them under $40) and if it plans to stay this expensive possibly consider sustainable packaging... but all in all 10/10 those are just nitpicky ideas. Thank you kind tail :)