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  • June 16, 2022 5 min read

    Not sure where you stand on the crazy dog pawrent scale? These tell-tale signs will give you a clue. Have you gone ga-ga for your pooch? 

    Let’s face it! When it comes to our pups, there is nothing that will stand in our way. We will even face public humiliation in the name of our dogs. From using our dog pawrent voice in public to having to pooper scoop in front of a cute guy! Yes! We have all been there. Yet, we will still carry on, head held high because we love our dogs. So, if you are not sure where you fall on the spectrum of dog pawrent crazy, read on. We will soon have you diagnosed and your treat-ment prescribed.

    1. The wallpaper of your phone is a picture of your dog

    Most people (A.K.A not dog owners) will have a photo of their significant other, their child, or some inspirational image saved as their cell phone wallpaper. But you? You have your dog. Nothing on earth will compare to the cuteness of your four-legged friend and you are not ashamed to admit that. Not only that, but your camera roll is also bursting with endless shots of your pooch going about its daily life. Because who wouldn’t want to look at that bundle of fun all day long?

    2. Your dog has more Instagram followers than you

    Instagram is fun. Instagramming for your pet? Pawsitively an overdose of fun! You may have dabbled at the gram yourself but since finding your soul dog you have gone all in. Captions in your dog’s voice? Check! Brand partnerships? Check! Living in the presence of pup royalty can be hard. All those outfit changes and demanding grooming routines. Fans want drool-worthy content and you are poised to deliver! It is lucky that your pampered pooch has such a paw-sitive attitude and will always be ready for whatever trending reel comes next.

    3. You let your dog sleep in your bed

    They say that love is blind. That is certainly true for dog pawrent love. There is nothing that warms the heart more than snuggling with your pup after a long day. Especially when they spoon with you. Yet, when you let your pup sleep on your bed you are also letting all the dirt and germs they carry around into your bed too. Not to mention the hair. But, as we said before, love is blind and luckily we are crazy enough to focus on the cuteness overload we receive as we close our eyes.

    4. Your Amazon wish list is full of dog toys

    Who else makes up any excuse to treat their dog to a new toy? Paws up! If your Amazon wish list has more dog toys on it than any other item, chances are that you are a crazy dog pawrent. But hey! We work hard so that we can provide our dogs with the life they deserve right? And, if they are the best dog in the world, they need to be treated as such. Since every day together is worth celebrating, we see nothing wrong with spoiling them with their favorite tug or chew toy every once in a while. 

    5. You will happily slow cook a chicken for your dog’s dinner but order take-out for yourself.

    We all know someone who will spend hours analyzing every micronutrient of their dog’s food only to then cook them a gourmet canine crockpot dinner. Dog nutrition is a whole science best left to the experts but there is nothing wrong with pimping your pup’s dinner every once in a while, especially if they need some extra TLC. But only a true crazy dog pawrent will obsess more over her dog’s dinner than her own. After all, one look into those puppy dog eyes and we are slaves to their fussy eating habits. Be warned! Once you give in, you will forever be cooking two separate meals. 

    6. Your dog goes everywhere with you

    Dogs are the ultimate ride-or-die companion. They will be by your side at all times if you let them. A true dog pawrent will know that even bathroom breaks are no longer a personal moment. There is always a furry shadow following. Normal people will see this as an invasion of privacy but you? You adore that your four-legged friend comes to check that everything is A-ok! After all, you have already spoken to your boss about bringing your pup to work. Your friends all know to only make plans with you at pet-friendly destinations. And, your mum is working on accepting that she has a furry grandchild to invite to all family gatherings. 

    7. Your bookshelf is lined with dog care books instead of parenting books

    We hit an age when as if by magic all our friends start to get married or have babies, or both. Yet, you have chosen the dog pawrent path. Instead of reading parenting books in bed at night…you flick through dog care books. You are well versed in crate training, have more recipes for natural dog treats than your dog can eat in their lifetime, and can recognize any dog breed a mile away. So, while other moms are swotting up on sleep training, you are plotting new ways to hack your dog’s health. After all, your dog is your fur baby and they rely on you for everything. 

    8. You think about your dog non-stop

    How many of you have ever wished it possible to text your pet? Yep! Guilty as charged! Being a dog owner is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is incredible to be able to enjoy such a powerful bond with another living being. But, on the other hand, it is heart-wrenchingly painful when you are forced to spend time apart. As a result, all plans that do not include your faithful companion are strictly limited to a window of time. But despite knowing that your dog is probably asleep, slobbering all over the sofa in your absence, your heart still aches. 

    9. You have a dog cam installed in your home

    As a result of suffering excruciating heartache, you caved in and installed a can-cam. Instead of wondering how your fur baby is doing, you can now see what they get up to every minute of your absence. Did they eat the food that you left them? Have they chewed up your sofa? All will be revealed in your own live stream of the “Pawdashians” direct from your living room. Bonus points if you talk to your dog via the speaker! We don’t judge, but…….

    10. No dog birthday goes uncelebrated

    Rumour has it that if you throw your dog a party, you may in fact be a crazy dog pawrent! We don’t listen to hearsay, however, we also don’t know if dogs realize they are celebrating their birthday. Just saying! Needless to say, celebrating another year with your canine companion by your side is worth baking a liver cake for. So, whether your dog is celebrating its first year or its 14th, don your crazy dog pawrent badge and throw your pup a pawty! You could even include a yappy hour for your fellow dog moms and dads!