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  • June 30, 2022 4 min read

    Dogs can be super cute bundles of fun, but, we hate to break it to you, they can also be super gross. From foul odors to antisocial eating habits dogs know how to make us cringe or gag or both. 

    Dog pawrents are a special breed of humans with a big heart and a strong immune system. Puppies may appear all cute and cuddly but it is only when they kiss us on the face that we remember where their mouths have been. From eating their poop in the dog park to licking their unmentionables, dogs are a breeding ground for bacteria. But, guess what? We still adore them and would never pass up the chance for them to snuggle next to us be it on the sofa or tucked up in our beds.

    Because, after all, they are family and they make the house feel like a home. So, in celebration of our four-legged housemates, let’s run through the top five gross things about living with dogs that are normal for pup pawrents

    Discover the top five gross things about living with dogs and see that being a dog pawrent isn’t always cuteness and love.

    1. Your life revolves around poo

    Yep, you guessed it! What goes in, has to come out. It’s natural, right? We all hear nature’s call but those who own dogs know that it is a BIG DEAL. Or that is what your pup wants you to feel. But did you ever imagine that your whole life would revolve around poo? No, but it does. 

    Firstly, your entire daily schedule will be altered to fit around when Fido needs to poop. But, you cannot leave poo lying around. Because if picking up poop isn’t gross enough, dogs LOVE to eat their poo and maybe their canine BFF’s poo too. 

    So, you will pick up poo as if it is an Olympic sport. And, the chances are that you will always be caught picking up poop just when your crush passes by. However, the grossness doesn’t stop there- that would be too easy. 

    After picking up the steaming present so thoughtfully left behind by our fur baby, the true pup pawrenting begins. Checking for dingleberries is real. No one wants dried poop matted into their dog’s tail especially when they then sit on the couch or lie in our beds. Dog pawrents love gross but poop-stained sheets are one step too far. 

    There are many gross things about living with dogs but they make up for it in love and cuddles.

    2. Dog hair… Everywhere

    When you get a dog expect to find hair in every corner of your home. From the carpet of hair that litters the floor moments after vacuuming to the magnetic strands of fur that get stuck to our clothes, there is no escaping it! So, what does any good pet pawrent do? Embrace it, of course! We would just be fighting a losing battle anyway! 

    Expect all clean laundry to be covered in fur straight after leaving the washer. If you find the odd strand of dog hair in your food, think of it as added protein. And, don’t even question the hair that gets stuck to your freshly showered body! 

    Dog hair = air! Even the word hair includes the vital element we all need to survive. So, it is proof that the odd bit of hair in the house is essential for all pet pawrents. And, we all know what a house with no dog hair means! That thought is just too heavy for our pawprint-marked hearts.

    How many gross things about living with dogs can you think of? We can think of five!

    3. Sharing a bed with your dog

    Now, this is a topic open for debate. The decision to let your dog sleep in your bed is a personal choice. The idea of letting a dog who has walked along city streets with its bare paws climb into your bed at night and dirty your thread count is something that will send shivers down the spine of all non-pet pawrents.

    But, we all know that one look into those puppy dog eyes leads to a lifetime of bedtime snuggles. We say the joke is on those who don’t let their canine companions climb into bed with them as sharing a bed with your dog is known to provide a whole host of immune-boosting health benefits. But, if you thought morning breath was bad, try doggy morning breath. That will have you jumping out of bed faster than you can snooze your alarm clock in the morning. 

    There are many gross things about living with dogs but the top one has to be dog poop!

    4. Saving your dog from eating its way into trouble

    Whoever said that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ had obviously never met a dog. Prepare to dog-proof all trash cans and scan the local neighborhood for toxic items like you are working for the FBI. Dogs love to explore but unfortunately for you, this means you will probably find your dog raiding the trash can and shredding everything from used tissues to tampons.

    Or, finding the tiniest scrap of food, chicken bones, or other irresistible banned substance when out on walks. You will lose count of the number of times you have to rescue whatever it is your pup has decided to chew on. And yes! This means bolting over to your dog, prising its jaws open, and sticking your hand into its mouth to retrieve the forbidden object.

    There is no time to feel grossed out by what you may touch. It's you vs the dog and the dog is likely to win - queue an expensive trip to the vets!

    You know when you are a true dog pawrent when these gross things about living with dogs no longer bother you

    5. Bathtime in the human bath

    Dogs can smell a juicy pile of poop from a mile off. And, it just so happens that they love nothing more than to roll around in it (when they are not eating it of course). While dogs would happily walk around showing off their new fragrance, their humans are not so keen on the smell.

    To many, the idea of placing a dirty animal into a bath that is used for human bathtime is enough to turn stomachs. But pet pawrents relish the idea of turning a simple bath time into a full-on at-home spaw day complete with canine massage and a relaxing paw rub. There is nothing better than a pampered pooch who knows just how much he is loved.