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  • August 15, 2023 2 min read

    Welcome, furry friends, to a guide tailored just for you!

    We know that life is a grand adventure filled with naps, play, and delicious meals. Join us as we dive into the world of luxury designed with you in mind. From the plush comfort of a dog bed to the cozy retreat of a dog crate, along with the joys of dining from elegant pet travel bowls, it's time to unlock the secrets of living the good life, tail-wagging style.

    The Plush Paradise of Dog Beds

    As a pup with a taste for comfort, you deserve the finest dog bed to rest your paws upon. Picture a haven of softness tailored to your size and style, ensuring every nap is an escape to dreamland. Whether you prefer a cozy cave or a sprawling lounger, your dog bed becomes your personal throne, where you can recharge for the next adventure life brings.

    The Cozy Embrace of Dog Crates

    Now, we understand that sometimes you seek solace in your own space. Behold the magical world of dog crates – your very own cozy hideaway. A place where you can retreat, relax, and ponder the mysteries of squirrels and mailmen. Your dog crate is your fortress, providing comfort and security, especially during thunderstorms or when you need a break from the world's chaos.

    Elevate Lounging with Pet Crate Bed

    Why settle for ordinary when you can lounge in style? Crate pads are the epitome of relaxation, designed to cradle you like the royalty you are. Whether basking in the sun's warmth or gazing out the window at the bustling world, crate pads fit perfectly inside dog crates so that you can stretch, roll, and enjoy every second of doggy leisure.

    Dining Elegance with Pet Travel Bowls

    Ah, mealtime – a highlight of every dog's day. But why should it be confined to just one spot? Pet travel bowls revolutionize the art of dining, allowing you to savor scrumptious bites wherever your adventures take you. Whether on a hike, a road trip, or a simple walk in the park, your travel bowl ensures gourmet dining is always at your paws.

    Even in your private sanctuary, nourishment should never be far away. Dog crate bowls fit seamlessly fit into your cozy crate, with the option of being taken on each and every adventure you take. KindTail's PortaBowl pulls double duty as a travel and home bowl set.

    Dear dogs, you hold a special place in our hearts, and your comfort is our priority. From luxurious dog beds to the embrace of dog crates, and the dining elegance of pet travel bowls to the convenience of dog crate bowls, we're here to ensure you're living the good life, every single day.

    Embrace the comfort, relish the luxury, and savor the delicious moments – because you, our furry companions, deserve nothing but the best. Cheers to living the good life, tail wags and all!


    KindTail provides modern and innovative pet crates, dog beds, and portable travel bowls for your furbabies. Shop our collection of PAWD pet crates, in addition to more products designed for your pet's comfort in mind. Contact us for more information today!

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