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  • March 14, 2023 4 min read

    Spring has sprung and the warmer weather makes venturing outside all the more inviting. Especially when it involves an Easter egg hunt and your canine companion. Put a spring in your pup’s step this Easter season and treat them to a playtime they will never forget. With a little creativity and a lot of kibble, it is easy to create an Easter egg hunt for dogs that will be a tail-wagging success.

    The benefits of planning an Easter egg hunt for dogs

    There are many pawsitive reasons why you should plan an Easter egg hunt for your furry friend. Not only does it provide a golden opportunity for some quality bonding time for you and your dog, but this simple activity hosts a whole range of benefits. One of the most important is exercise. Creating this sensory experience is a wonderful excuse for your pup to get moving and burn off any stored energy. The exercise is also mentally stimulating as they are forced to “sniff out” any hidden treasures which help their problem-solving skills. Let’s not forget that if they are working alongside other dogs, they are also working on their socialization skills. So, not only is this a fantastic way to spend a day with your pup but it can work wonders in enhancing their well-being.

    Turn your dog-done-good ideas into a furtastic Easter egg hunt

    Making an Easter egg hunt for dogs is easier than it looks, especially if you plan ahead. If you have never done it before, don’t panic. This handy guide will take you through all the necessary steps you need to ensure that your Easter activity is a pawsitive success. So, get ready to “hound” for hidden treasures and make some timeless memories with your fur baby. 

    Make an Easter egg hunt for dogs as a way to socialize puppies

    “Sit” and “Stay” organized:

    We have all heard of the six “P's of preparation, yet you may never have thought that they would come in handy for creating an Easter egg hunt for dogs. For this activity, the organization is key. Begin by making a list of all the places where you plan to hide your stash of treats. These pawsome hiding spots must be within your dog’s “fetching” range in order to avoid any “ruff” encounters when trying to reach hard to get to places. Once you have established the optimum route for the hunt, you can begin to get planning the details.

    Paws for planning:

    Setting the date for the Easter egg hunt for dogs is the first step to setting the plan in motion. You may decide to host the event on Easter Sunday or if your house will already be crowded by people, it may be best to host the hunt on a quieter day when there are fewer distractions for your pup. Once you have your date in mind, “woof” it up on social media and invite your dog’s fur-iends to join in on the fun. If you are feeling generous, you could even take the opportunity to raise money for a local shelter or rescue charity. 

    Egg-citing prizes:

    No Easter egg hunt is complete without some drool-worthy treats. You can really go to town here and pick all your dog’s favorite snacks or kibble. Yet, if your dog is sensitive to eating too many treats at once, you may want to include a few fun toys such as a new squeaky ball or a frisbee to mix things up. Of course, it goes without saying that all prizes should be dog-friendly and that all harmful substances such as chocolate should be avoided at all costs.

    Include your pup in your Easter plans and make an Easter egg hunt for dogs

    Bark your territory:

    Now that you have your map marked with all the strategic hiding places and your basket full of treats, it is time to begin hiding. But, before you start hiding the treats, ensure that your dog is 100% familiar with the areas and has easy access to them. We don’t want any flowerbeds getting trampled in the process. Of course, when the hiding takes place, make sure that your dog is occupied with a chew toy or another engaging activity so that they don’t accidentally dig up their prizes ahead of time.

    Tail-wagging fun:

    The moment for your pup to show off its retriever skills has arrived, it’s finally party time. When the hunt begins your dog may need some encouragement to sniff out the hidden prizes. If you see that your dog is a little hesitant, use a soft, fun, and excited tone of voice to guide them around the Easter egg hunt circuit. Each time your dog successfully finds a prize, praise them with a belly rub and a treat. Slowly they will associate the behaviour required and begin to be able to hunt out the prizes by themselves.

    Bark-worthy alternatives to an Easter egg hunt for dogs

    If your Easter egg hunt for dogs was a smashing success you don’t need to wait for Spring to roll around next year in order to continue the fun. The same idea can be reimagined into endless fun activities to enjoy whenever you fancy. A treasure hunt can be themed for any occasion and will always provide mental stimulation to keep your dog’s grey cells young. Once the warmer weather arrives, a DIY agility course is a wonderful way to put your dog’s skills to the test. And, of course, there are always puzzle toys that help dogs train their noses and improve their scent work. So, as you can see, come rain or shine, there are no excuses to enjoy some treat-filled bonding moments with your fur baby.

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