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  • March 14, 2023 4 min read

    Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking! We all know the famous quote from the hit movie “The Devil Wears Prada” yet, did you know, not all flowers are safe for our fur babies? It may come as a surprise to discover that an innocent-looking bouquet of flowers could have fatal consequences if your pup decides to take a bite. It is time to nip those nibbles in the bud with our guide to beautiful blooms that are non-toxic to pets. 

    Fill your home with non-toxic house plants for pets

    You may remember us talking about how to create a pet-friendly jungalow, however, who doesn’t love to fill their homes with the fragrant scent of freshly picked blooms during Spring? There is something magical about bringing nature indoors, especially when it comes with a feminine color palette of blushing pink and pearl white. Be the pawrent your pup wants you to be and create a pawlace of their dreams, decorated with an array of floral arrangements at every turn. 

    Sunflowers are one of the most pet-friendly flowers to add to your home

    Match your florals with your fur-baby

    During Victorian times, flowers were used to communicate secret messages. Today, the language of flowers seems to be a thing of the past. Yet certain flowers are still linked to emotions and personality. If you observe closely, you will see that just like dogs, in the flower world, there are also the quiet types, the life and soul of the party, and the loyal and dependable ones. Celebrate your dog’s unique character and fill your home with flowers that represent their personality. Not sure where to start? We have created this quick guide to non-toxic flowers for you and your dog.

    Sunflowers: For the radiant, authentic, and warm-hearted puppies in our lives

    If your dog is irresistibly charming (let’s be honest, which pup isn’t), radiates passion, and has endless enthusiasm for life, they are a sunflower. Your little ray of sunshine fills the house with life and positive energy so why not amplify their light and place a bouquet of sunflowers in your living space? These non-toxic, expressive flowers symbolize loyalty and admiration while also adding a splash of happy color to your decor. 

    Orchids: For the creative dog 

    Not only do orchids look like a work of art, but they are also safe to place in the home. If you feel that you live with a Pup-casso and want to enhance their creative energy an orchid is the ideal plant. Your pup will feel inspired to investigate new forms of play and your home will be filled with beauty and style- what’s not to love?

    Did you know that orchids don’t just look nice but they are also pet friendly flowers

    Roses: For the traditional, classic canines

    If your dog has a timeless style, is warm, loyal, and a sucker for routine and tradition what better flower for them than the rose? With just one flower, you can say countless things, just like with one glance at your dog’s puppy dog eyes. However, did you know that not all roses symbolize the same thing? Red roses represent passionate love, yellow ones symbolize friendship, and white roses are used to show purity.

    Snapdragons: For the rescues 

    Did you know, in ancient Greece, Snapdragons were known as the “dog-headed” plant? This colorful, funny-looking flower is sure to brighten up your living space and put you in a jolly mood. Yet, this plant is known to symbolize a strength of character, resilience, and the ability to blossom in adverse conditions. Knowing this, we cannot think of any better flower to declare your love for your rescue dog. 

    Not all flowers are pet-friendly flowers. Read our guide to discover the ones that are


    African Daisies: For Mummy mutts and their offspring

    Seen as a symbol of purity, innocence, loyal love, and new starts, African Daisies are often exchanged at the birth of a newborn baby. If you are soon-to-be grandpawrents, celebrate this momentous occasion and fill your home with African Daisies. Not only will their bright coloring make every day feel like a party but their rich earthy scent will provide a relaxed and grounding energy that is ideal for the mother-to-be. 

    A woof of caution

    While flowers always make a house feel like a home they can also act as a great room freshener for the days when your pup is more fragrant than usual. There are many reasons to love a fresh bouquet of blooms yet it is also worth keeping in mind that their addition to the decor may prove all too tempting for our canine companions. While the flowers listed above are technically non-toxic for dogs, it doesn’t mean that they can be ingested without a second thought. If you decide to keep freshly cut flowers in your home, it is worth keeping in mind the following: 

    • Keep your flowers out of reach from curious canines. Apply the look but don’t touch policy to ensure that your flowers and your furbaby remain out of harm’s reach.

    • Change the water frequently. If your furbaby decides to make it their mission to admire your flowers, make sure that the water is clean in case they decide to take a sip.

    • If your pup does accidentally end up eating your flowers, keep a watchful eye on them and don’t leave them alone for the following 24 hours. If they show signs of unrest, take them to the vet as a precaution. 

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