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  • October 04, 2022 2 min read

    Adding greenery and texture to your home with stylish houseplants is a great way to enhance your home’s decor, but pet owners have to be extra careful about selecting houseplants due to many houseplant species being toxic to our beloved pets.

    Dogs and cats are known to nibble at just about anything they’re tempted by, which is why it’s so important for all houseplants we buy to be safe for cats and dogs.

    Rest assured, there are many pet-friendly plant varieties that will beautify your home without the threat of causing health issues to your pet. Read for some pet-friendly plant inspiration for your home.

    Houseplants That Keep Your Pets Safe

    Green houseplants

    Refer to this list if you’re ever in need of inspiration to decorate your home without harming your pet. There are plenty of plant varieties to choose from when it comes to houseplants that are safe for your fur babies.

    Air Plant

    Spiky air plants will create some visual interest within your home without posing a threat your animals. Air plants don’t need soil to grow, making them both low maintenance and pet friendly.

    Friendship Plant

    Friendship plants have fuzzy leaves and are a great addition to households with pets. They are non-toxic and easy to split up, which gives them their name friendship plant.


    Calathea is another pet-friendly plant to add to your houseplant collection. Calathea has crinkly leaves and a purple color on one side of their leaves.

    Spider Plant

    Spider plants are not only safe for our beloved pets, but they’re also known as air purifiers. To top it off, they’re a resilient houseplant species that even the most novice gardener can keep up with.

    Parlor Palm

    Place a parlor palm plant in a sunny room, because these houseplants like direct sunlight. Parlor plants are yet another pet-friendly houseplant that are also low maintenance.

    African Violet

    African violets produce purple and pink flower buds, making them a colorful and cheery addition to your home. This flowering houseplant is non-toxic to pets and is ideal for small spaces like bookshelves.

    Boston Fern

    Not all ferns are pet-friendly, but Boston ferns are a fern variety that safe for pets. Ferns are known for their green, bushy leaves and are excellent for enhancing your home’s décor.

    Aluminum Plant

    Aluminum plants have a nice design on their leaves with a splash of silver that complements its green leaves, making them a lovely, pet-friendly addition to your houseplant collection.


    Orchids are a favorite amongst houseplant lovers. It’s wonderful news that not only are orchids beautiful, but they’re also safe for our cats and dogs.

    KindTail Furniture Dog Crates Can Enhance Home Décor

    Dog in KindTail PAWD with houseplants in background

    Along with your pet-friendly house plants, KindTail has beautiful furniture style dog crates that can enhance the look of your home even further.

    Browse our furniture dog crates, along with portable travel bowls and dog beds for pet essentials that not only benefit your fur baby but make your home look great as well.



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