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  • October 04, 2022 3 min read

    When we think about dog adoption, we think about the excitement of bringing home adorable puppies. While we understand the appeal of adopting a younger pet, given pet owners will get much more time with them and their clumsy, playful personalities are too cute to resist, have you ever considered adopting a senior pet?

    We guarantee there are several advantages of adopting an aging dog. For starters, older dogs have already been trained or they are more responsive to it. They are also typically much calmer than their younger counterparts. Let’s explore 7 reasons to adopt senior dogs.

    Senior Dog Adoption Benefits

    Man with his senior companion dog
    1. Senior Dogs are Already Trained

    There are certainly challenges that come with house training a puppy. When adopting a senior dog, you can skip that entire portion of dog ownership and get to the good parts. Even if your senior dog has some setbacks at first, they will be much more receptive to the training concept having been through it before.

    1. Senior Dogs Have Calmer Temperaments

    Puppies and younger dogs are known for their rambunctious personalities. This can be fun and exciting for young families, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Senior dogs are known to have much calmer temperaments, which might fit better with your lifestyle.

    1. Senior Dogs Need Us More

    Now is your chance to swoop in and save the day! There’s more on the line for senior dogs waiting to find their forever home. Instead of finishing out their life without a home to call their own, you can find a sense of fulfillment by adopting them at the tail end of their life and making it as comfortable and loving as possible for them.

    1. Form a Strong Bond with a Senior Dog

    Senior dogs are older and wiser, and dog pawrents can feel their appreciation that they’ve been given a forever home at last. This creates a strong bond from the start, which will only grow deeper with more time spent together.

    1. Senior Dogs Require Less Maintenance

    Empty nesters or aging couples might appreciate that adopting a senior dog requires much less maintenance than a puppy. Less time spent training, less running around after them, less supervision and overall much less work.

    1. Senior Dogs Offer Companionship

    All senior dogs need is companionship and love. If this is something you’re seeking too, then it’s a match made in heaven. There’s nothing like the loyal companionship from older dogs, it’s like they can speak to you through their unwavering devotion.

    1. What You See is What You Get with Senior Dogs

    Besides the fact that your senior dog won’t grow any bigger, dog owners also shouldn’t expect their personality to change much from the day they’re brought home. They have already grown into their own unique personality. This can be beneficial for you in that there are no surprises; the personality you see at the shelter is likely the same one you will see at home.

    Senior Dog Adoption Conclusion

    Couple sitting on a bench with dog playing

    Senior dogs spend more time in shelters because they’re often considered much less desirable than younger dogs. We’re here to point out that senior dogs are worth adopting for many reasons, which can also benefit ourselves in return in many ways. So don’t hesitate to adopt that senior dog, then have fun spoiling them with luxury dog beds, portable travel bowls and more KindTail products, because your senior dog deserves only the best.


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