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  • September 13, 2022 2 min read

    It should come as no surprise that many pet parents treat their pets just as they would their children. Pet pampering now comes with the territory of dog ownership and thankfully, there are many resources available to us that helps us accomplish this.

    From designer clothes and collars to luxury dog beds, pet parents find pleasure in indulging in their pets. If spoiling your precious pet is on your radar, find inspiration with KindTail’s 7 tips for pampering your pet.


    Gone are the days where giving your dog a bath at home will suffice. Dog grooming has turned into big business! There are now various luxury dog grooming services available to pet parents, which many decide to indulge in for their pets – and they schedule them frequently. From posh haircuts to using high end grooming products, the pet grooming service possibilities are endless.

    Gourmet Pet Food

    Gourmet pet food services are popping up and pet owners are eating them right up. Pet owners are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to feeding their pets the healthiest food available on the market, which often means all natural food good enough to feed their humans. In addition to gourmet dog treats, food delivery services now provide pet parents with the convenience of healthy pet food.

    Luxury Pet Crate

    Luxury pet crates are a must for your furry friend. Luxury pet crates like KindTail’s PAWD come in small and medium sizes depending on your pet’s weight and height. PAWDs are modern, collapsible, and lightweight dog and pet crates that provide the ultimate comfort. Looking for the perfect dog crates for traveling? The PAWD is easy to travel with and should make it on your next vacation travel list.

    Lounger Pet Bed

    What’s a luxury pet crate without the luxury lounger pet bed to go with it? The PAWD lounger is an extra comfortable and cozy lounge deep dish bed made of an ultra-soft and cozy sherpa fabric. Pamper your pet with somewhere they can enjoy lounging each day and can nuzzle all day and night long in comfort.


    There are more options for pet fashion than ever. From dresses and shirts, to blinged out collars, there are style options for every pet. Sometimes it’s not about the fashion and more about comfort! In the winter, there are cozy jackets and sweatshirts available to keep your pet warm and stylish in the cold weather.

    Spa Days

    At-home spaw days are an excellent way to pamper your pet. Going to the spa is a luxury that helps us relax and de-stress, and there’s no reason why your dog cannot join in the fun. Pedicures, blow outs and massages are just a few examples of spa day activities for your beloved pet.


    Upgrade your pet crate to a PAWLACE with KindTail’s PAWDs, modern, collapsible plastic dog and pet crates. PAWD® is an easily collapsible, safe, and lightweight nesting space that provides the coziest space for your fur baby. Contact us for more information today!