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  • October 10, 2022 5 min read

    Trick or treat! As the last rays of summer fade away, the spooky season rolls around and reminds us of all the fun fall activities that await our four-legged friends. Howl-oween is a fantastic time of the year to bond with your pup and what better way to do it than with fancy dress? 

    Why dress up your dog for Halloween? 

    Why not, we ask? As pet pawrents we want to share all the milestones with our canine companions. This includes the high days and holidays like Halloween. Plus, just imagine all the cute Instagram posts you can capture as your pup struts his stuff dressed as a scare-mongering character from film or TV. Make sure your pup is the cool canine of the block and plan ahead with your costume. It doesn’t matter if its shop bought or made with love but the most important thing is that it has to be fun. You could even mix and match with your pup as the ultimate statement of love and loyalty. If you are stuck for spooky costume ideas, here are a few of our favorites to get you feeling inspired.

    Make sure your dog looks fangtastic with these Halloween costume ideas for your pup

    Harry Pawtter

    All aboard! It is time to board the Hogwarts Express. This Halloween, make sure that your dog looks absolutely spellbinding with a Harry Potter inspired costume. Choose the full wizarding attire complete with a black cape, red and yellow tie and black glasses - don’t forget the scar on the forehead to complete the look. If your dog likes to take the less is more approach to fancy dress, a yellow and red scarf will make him instantly recognizable as Harry Pawter, plus it will keep his neck toasty warm all winter long. 

    Casper the friendly canine

    We all have fond memories of our favorite supernatural cartoon friend and now that we have a fur baby it is the ideal time to relive childhood memories.This spooktastic costume idea is budget-friendly and bundles of fun to make. All it requires is an old white bed sheet with eye holes and a hole for the snout cut into it. This is an ideal costume choice for those wanting to bewitch neighbors while being short on time and $$$. To make it more comfortable, synch it in at the waist by placing a black harness over the top. This way you can achieve spooky style and safety all in one. 

    Hot Dog

    If your dog is irresistibly cute, so much so that you could just eat him up then we have the ideal costume for you. Play on your dog’s good looks and choose America’s favorite snack as your fancy dress. We all love a puppy pun and not only will your dog look deliciously cute, but they will be wrapped up and protected from the elements. Bonus points if your dog is brown as they will look even more like a Frankfurter sausage. 

    Make your dog the star of the show with these Halloween costume ideas for your pup

    Dog-tor Bones

    Whether you are a Star Trek fan or simply enjoy playing with words, this Halloween costume is a fun dress-up idea. All you need is a white coat complete with a notepad and pen stuffed in the chest pocket. Add a stethoscope to the neck of the white coat and to amplify the geek-chic look, add a pair of black glasses (if your dog will let you). If you feel creative, accompany your pup with the medical theme and dress up as a skeleton. You could even carry a real beef bone with you as a treat for your dog once the trick-or-treating is complete.


    If there is nothing your dog loves more about going on road trips with you, it is the fact they get to enjoy a sneaky Puppuccino while riding shotgun by your side. Celebrate this sweet treat in all its glory by DIY-ing your very own puppuccino costume. Grab some latte-colored brown felt, print a Starbucks logo, and get creative. We recommend creating a dog coat from brown felt and using fabric glue to hold it together. Cut the two upper parts and glue them together along the spine. Then cut a wide rectangular piece of felt and glue one short side to one of the upper sides of the coat. Place Velcro or press studs on the other sides to hold the creation in place. Buy shower pom-poms and place them around the neckline, add the Starbucks logo to the back and roll up dark green craft paper to create a straw. 

    Corn Dog

    Continuing with the foodie puppy puns, this list would not be complete without the addition of a corn dog costume. While dressing as an actual corn dog may not bring in the IG likes, take the concept back to its roots and dress your canine companion up as corn on the cob. Just imagine their little smiley face poking out the top of the yellow corn kernels - they will look as sweet as sweetcorn. To create this outfit, use a dog coat as the base and glue yellow pom-poms to the surface. From the tail upwards, covering the legs, place a dark green fabric over the yellow pom-poms to represent the leaves of the corn on the cob.


    If your dog is fond of barking at the other dogs and laying law and order in the neighborhood, then a police fancy dress will suit his temperament. To do this costume idea justice, it is worth buying it from a store. Play with the idea even further and dress up in jailhouse style with orange overalls or black and white striped pajamas so that your pup can be the “Good Boy” of the family. 

    Browse these Halloween costume ideas for your pup and get creative with the fancy dress.

    Puppy Roll

    Put your DIY skills to the test and create a yummy California roll-inspired creation that will have the neighborhood dogs drooling. Cut a wide rectangle from black felt and place Velcro on both ends. This will be the waist belt that will hold the sushi roll. Next for the sushi roll, you will need another wider rectangle of black felt, a white towel, and three pieces of colored foam for the filling (green and red work well). Place the foam filling inside the white towel and roll it into a circular shape. Pin together with a safety pin. Then place the black rectangle around the white towel and glue it together. Once your sushi roll is formed, glue it to the black waistband to complete the look. 

    Pup Vader

    Star Wars fans rejoice there is a costume for your fur baby that can easily combine with your galactic Halloween fancy dress. Purchase a Pup Vader costume and let your dog’s Jedi powers shine as he represents the ultimate Dark Lord of the galaxy. Accompany the theme and dress in other Star Wars character costumes for some good old-fashioned family fun. 


    Is your pup more Diva than dog? Channel their inner pup pop princess and create a Halloween costume inspired by Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video. This costume idea works especially well on dogs with light, long-haired fur. All you need is a blonde wig, a pair of black square-shaped sunglasses, and a piece of black sequin fabric that you can fashion into a dress. While this outfit may appear like a challenge to create, it is actually very easy. Simply take the fabric, drape it around the body and fasten it with two knots (one at the top and one at the bottom) around the back to hold it in place. Make sure the accessories have an elastic strap to stop them from falling off. This costume is best for fur babies with experience in fancy dress.