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  • January 18, 2023 4 min read

    We can all agree that the internet is flooded with cat memes. However, we cannot let our feline friends think that they can rule the world. While cats are cute bundles of fur, dogs are scientifically proven to be good for our health. It makes sense that dog memes are too, right? Just like our pups, dog memes are our loyal companions, always there to pick us up after a bad day. We love them nearly as much as the real deal and they're a pawtastic form of self-care, making us laugh away all our problems. Don't believe us? Let us share our top five reasons why dog memes make us better pawrents to our fur babies.

    We all have seen those pictures of that extraordinarily strong dog with a six pack next to a... not so strong dog, with some kind of text that makes you giggle. THAT is a meme, a funny picture, most of the time with text that makes it even funnier, and basically makes our tough lives a little more bearable. Dog memes first started in 2010 (can you imagine how terrible life was before then?), Atsuko Sato, a Japanese kindergarten teacher posted a picture of his dog and it was sensational, people started to use that cute dog face to comment on life occurrences. Thanks to this event we have what we now can’t live without: dog memes. 

    All pawrents will benefit from dog meme self care

    1. They make us laugh

    As many of you have probably already heard: laughter is the best medicine. Laughing also improves our emotional health, strengthens our relationships, and releases stress. And what better way to laugh off our stress than dog humor? The photos are taken at the right moment to capture their crazy faces, funny poses, and extravagant outfits, all of which will have us in fits of giggles. Also, has anyone else noticed how oddly specific and relatable most of them are? Whoever is spying on us... please carry on, we cannot get enough of this side-splitting content.

    2. They bring us together 

    As the social animals we are, we humans like to share all the things we like, dislike, or generally cause an impression on us, and memes definitely do that. That’s why we love them and why our social media channels are full of them. Memes unite us! The pawrent army gets bigger and stronger every time a dog meme is shared, and at this rate, we will soon defeat the cat-parent community. It’s nearly impossible to see a fun dog meme and not share it. In fact, we have a duty as puppy pawrents to spread dog memes far and wide to brighten everyone’s day.. Dogs are a common ground that many people share, it’s a great way to meet new pawrent friends and bond with them. You can start a new friendship out of a dog meme, and then share tips and tricks about your four-legged besties to improve their lives, and maybe even yours, who knows?

    Dog meme self-care makes us realize how much we love our dogs

    3. They release stress

    Going back to work has been rough for most of us.  Our stress levels are skyrocketing, BUT there is something that always makes us feel better, and that is dog memes.  

    After a long day of work, the first thing a good-dog-obsessed-pawrent does after leaving the office is get their fix of dog memes. Scrolling through funny canine content is the only way to decompress on the nightly commute. How else are we supposed to arrive and be perfect parents to our furbabies? Since we have already established that dog memes are a valid form of self-care, it is an essential step in our routine. So, before chores and all the things that only stress us out, even more, take a deep breath, sit down, pet your dog, and enjoy some good memes. 

    4. Dog memes are cheaper than a therapist

    Dog memes provide a paws for thought and make us reflect on our personalities. They touch on topics that only pawrents understand, which makes the memes even funnier. It’s a giant inside joke between all pawrents of the community. It also makes us feel like we’re not alone and shows us that other fur babies are as rebellious or as weird as our own - something that is hard to believe at times. Scrolling through dog memes is beneficial in so many ways, the Dopamine rush we get from binging on memes boosts our mood, it’s like a drug, but without all the bad stuff. It’s also way cheaper than a therapist and tons more fun, plus you can do it anytime, anywhere. Much more convenient! 

    5. They make us love our fur babies even more

    Dog memes make us realize that our fur babies are pawsitively perfect - even if they bark at the neighbor's cat or sometimes go to the bathroom where they shouldn’t. Despite this, they are still our babies and we love them very much. Dog memes remind us of the cute but weird things that made us fall in love with our own dogs. The fact that they not only keep us company but they also improve our health makes them magical! Something we can all agree on is that it doesn’t matter how hard they try to be serious, our pups are goofy and crazy, which makes the best content for memes. Unlike us humans, dogs are always themselves, purely authentic, they are a reminder of how we should be and are an example to follow.