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  • October 15, 2021 8 min read

    Worried that a dog crate you’re eyeing will take up too much space in your home?

    Why not try a collapsible dog crate?

    If you’re not sure how functional it is, this blog will walk you through the benefits you can get from using one.

    Let’s take a look.

    The advantages of using collapsible dog crates

    There are a lot of advantages to using a collapsible crate. Not only can it provide a refuge for your dogs at home; you can also use it if you want to bring your animal companion to your travels.

    Here are some of their other benefits:

    1) For a collapsible plastic dog crate

    • It weighs less, so it’s easier for you to carry.
    • You don’t have to worry about its durability.
    • It also provides better padding for your canine to maintain body heat.
    • Most collapsible dog crates made from plastic are airline-approved, so no need to be anxious when traveling to a faraway place.
    • You can also use collapsible plastic dog crates as indoor pet beds.

    2) For a collapsible soft dog crate

    • It’s lightweight and not that bulky.
    • It is less expensive and comes in more varied styles.
    • A collapsible soft dog crate is often complete with pads to provide further comfort to your beloved dogs.
    • It also allows more air to flow.

    3) For a collapsible wire dog crate

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go
    • Its wire mesh panels mean that it can provide your Fidos with better ventilation.
    • It is accessible to transport and store.
    • Most wire dog crates are durable and escape-proof, which makes them an excellent choice for dogs with chewing habits.
    • It makes it easier for your dog to see their surroundings, which can reduce feelings of isolation.

    Clearly, there are several pros to be gained when you use collapsible dog crates. KindTail's PAWD and PAD, for instance, let your dogs rest by themselves when you have too much on your plate.

    Cons of using collapsible dog crates

    Despite the advantages, however, there are also cons when using a collapsible dog crate:

    1. Wire dog crates can resemble a cage, while soft and plastic dog crates may look cheap.
    2. A collapsible dog crate may malfunction, especially if it is of poor quality. This, in turn, can potentially harm your fur baby.
    3. Soft and plastic dog crates may be hard to clean and may be vulnerable to bites and chews.
    4. Wire dog crates can sometimes feel loose, like locks being opened, so you need to always take safety factors into consideration.
    5. Your dog may also be able to open a collapsible soft dog crate easily.

    Factors to consider when buying collapsible dog crates

    As a pet parent, you cannot just randomly choose a crate for your Fido. There are plenty of factors you need to consider in selecting the most suitable collapsible dog crate.

    1) Keep your puppy's needs in mind.

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    When choosing a collapsible crate, you must keep in mind your dog’s needs. After all, it will serve as their place of comfort and rest when they want to lie low or don’t feel well.

    Consider how portable a crate option is, how easy it is to clean, and which part of your house you will place it.

    2) Consider the materials used.

    Aside from your dog’s needs, you must also determine whether the materials used to construct the crate are compatible with your Fido’s temperament and attitude.

    Collapsible crates usually have three materials - plastic, fabric, and metal.  Metallic collapsible crates are perfect for chewing dogs, while a collapsible plastic dog crate is ideal for transportation and travel. On the other hand, a collapsible soft dog crate is the lightest to carry.

    3) Choose the best size for your pooch.

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    Size matters, especially when choosing a collapsible dog crate. Your dogs should have enough space inside the crate when they turn around, lay down, or even stand up.

    If you have a large dog, a large collapsible dog crate will do. Meanwhile, you need to choose one you can carry around, too, if you have a small dog.

    4) Consider your pup’s comfort and safety.

    Another factor you have to consider is your beloved canine’s comfort when inside the crate. For instance, will dog mats or beds fit inside it? Remember, it’ll be their go-to spot when they want to rest comfortably, so it should also fit your dog’s accessories.

    Check whether the crate has proper locks. Just to be safe, you should also see to it that there are no sharp edges that could potentially harm your dog. 

    Top 5 collapsible dog crates you can bring while traveling

    1) 3-Door Soft Folding Dog Crate

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    This collapsible soft dog crate is ideally wide and high to give enough space for your dog to move around. It’s also portable, durable, and convenient, so you won’t regret using it.

    It even comes with a carrying bag and a fleece bag. However, if you have a dog that bites and chews anything, this may be a bad option.

    Setting this crate is not that hard. Since it is already in the entire assembly, you can just set it up and fold it without using any tools. 

    2) KindTail Medium PAWD

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    (Buy It Here)

    If you’re looking for a durable yet collapsible dog crate, this medium-sized PAWD from KindTail may be the one you’re looking for!

    Its comfortable and stylish construction is perfect for dogs that are no longer in their teething phase.

    Available in various colors, PAWD creates a versatile and safe nesting space for your fur baby while easily integrating into your modern home.

    3) 4 Door Steel Crate

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    One prominent feature of this dog crate is that it comes with four large doors with steel locks.

    The upper door is for cuddling and feeding purposes, while the front door slide acts as a garage door and opens up ample space for your dog to pass through. On the other hand, the side doors make access much easier for your active pooch.

    Aside from that, this dog crate can fold flat, and you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety because of its round corners and lack of sharp edges. It even has built-in wheels, handles, and a travel bag.

    4) Foldable Dog Crate

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    This collapsible crate can be used both outdoors and indoors. With a steel frame and machine-washable, water-resistant fabric cover, you don’t need to worry about its durability.

    You can even clean it quickly by removing its fabric cover. In addition to its softness, it’s also easy to fold and carry around.

    5) Life Stages XS Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

    Save Some Room With These 5 Collapsible Dog Crates You Can Take on the Go

    Another collapsible wire dog crate that is portable, convenient, and durable! No need to worry if it will last long because you can rest assured that it will.

    This metal dog crate comes with a slide-bolt latch that ensures a tight lock when your animal companion sleeps and plays. It also has rollers to avoid scraping your floor and a dog tray to prevent mess. 

    How do you put a dog crate together?

    Here are the steps:

    1) Pull the crate from the box carefully.

    Taking the crate from the box is heavier than expected, so it might be easier to have someone else’s help during this stage. For instance, your family or friends can hold the box while you carefully pull the crate out of the box.

    You can also use a box cutter to remove the box, but you have to be gentle so that it won’t scrape the crate.

    2) Insert the plastic pan at the bottom of the crate first.

    There is always a plastic pan with the crate, so look for it after pulling out the crate. Once you find it, place the plastic pan at the bottom of the crate.

    Your dog will likely feel uncomfortable without the pan on the metal bars. Therefore, don’t forget to check if you have already slid the plastic pan into the bottom. Make sure that the pan is flat on the floor.

    3) Remove the lock and lift the top layers.

    First, remove the lock before you lift the top layers of the collapsible dog crate. There is no need to assemble the pieces individually since they’re already connected.

    You just need to lift the top layers of the crate carefully. When you see the front and back of the crate on top of each other, that’s when you can lift them and lean them back.

    The last layers are a combination of the top cover of the crate and two sides, so you just have to lift them carefully.

    4) Hook the sides of the crate.

    To stabilize the crate, you need to have hooks at the top edges of its front and back sides. You have to hook them over the whole plane to make sure that the pieces are in place.

    Do not forget to check if there are other hooks that you need to latch in a similar manner. Different sizes will also have different numbers of clips, so you need to keep that in mind, too.

    After you fully assemble the crate, make sure to test it out first. You can push gently on each side of the crate or even apply light pressure on the top.

    If you feel like it’s too loose, check for other hooks. The appropriate structure of your crate should be enough to take the weight of your dog pushing or leaning against it.

    5) Insert the crate divider.

    You can check if there comes a crate divider together with the crate you bought. It’s not attached to the crate, so be careful when looking for it.

    The crate divider is perfect for puppies that can’t stop wandering around the crate. If your dog is already old, you can keep it somewhere else.

    You can also check this video for tips on what to do with a collapsible soft dog crate:

    How do you collapse a collapsible dog crate?

    Collapsing a collapsible dog crate isn’t that complicated. All you need to do is to follow the steps from the product’s package. However, here are general ways on how to do it:

    1) For a collapsible wire dog crate

    • Before anything else, close the side and front doors of your crate, and do not forget to search for the two tabs that usually secure the panels of your container.
    • For each panel, press these tabs down to release their grip. Once they release the hold, let the panel collapse into the crate.
    • After you’re done pressing all the tabs, fold the left and right sides of your crate and lay them on top of each other depending on which side you want them to go.
    • Lastly, use the little hook fount at the bottom to secure the crate.

    Here’s how it would look like:

    2) For a collapsible plastic dog crate

    • Unlock the latches from the left side and right side of your plastic crate.
    • After unlocking the latches, you’ll notice that the top half will come off, so you need to grab it. You’ll then end up with two halves, so you just have to put them on top of each other.

    3) For a collapsible soft dog crate

    • First, you need to look for the collapsible points of your crate. Once you find them, push them down so the crate will just collapse on its own.
    • Afterward, push the entire side panels to the middle. You have to do this until you can see the panels lying on top of each other.
    • Note that some soft dog crates may have screw mechanisms. You need to unscrew them first before proceeding to the next step to ensure you can collapse the entire soft dog crate.
    • Usually, these crates have straps, so once your crate collapses, quickly use these straps to secure the latches close.

    All in all

    What matters most when choosing a collapsible dog crate will always depend on how compatible it is with your dog. It also comes down to convenience and budget.

    On that note, KindTail's collapsible crates would, therefore, make a perfect addition to your home. It can save you some room even while providing sanctuary to your dogs.