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  • August 09, 2022 9 min read

    Just like us, dogs also have star signs. But, while they won’t be reading their weekly horoscope in gossip magazines, knowing their star sign is a fun and creative way to deepen your relationship with your pooch

    Intrigued to see if you and your fur baby will clash or if it is a match made in heaven? Their star sign will hold all this star-studded information, and more. You can even decipher their favorite colors, foods, and home decor style - all just by knowing their sun sign. It’s all written in the stars! In an ideal world, you will have their date, place, and time of birth recorded. Yet, if your dog was a rescue then use the Gotcha day date since that marks the start of your shared happily ever after. 

    Dogs, the stars, and ancient astrology

    Here’s the thing. Even if you don’t believe in star signs (in human or canine form) there is no denying the unbreakable bond that humans and dogs have shared for centuries. From the moment that wolves began to socialize with humans until now, dogs have been our trusted companions and have stuck by our sides through thick and thin. The Egyptians called upon dogs to accompany dead kings into the afterlife. And, the Greeks considered dogs to be sacred beings, closely associating them with the deities Artemis, Hecate, and Ares. So, it probably comes as no surprise to discover that the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, is also known as the ‘Dog Star’ since it forms part of the Canis Major constellation. It is clear that dogs have been man’s best friend since the dawn of time. So, why not use ancient wisdom and turn to the stars to discover more about our four-legged friends? 

    Uncover the secret tips to decorate your home based on your dog’s zodiac

    Dogs and decor… let the stars decide! 

    Today, over 48 million households in the United States own a dog which just proves how much we love them. But, let’s face it, pet-friendly home decor does not make our stylish hearts sing. Especially not when it gets chewed to death by bored puppies. While washable furniture covers and scented candles are a pawrent’s BFF, you can be sure that any pup parent will go full-on Nancy Drew to hunt down stylish home decor worthy of a paws up. To give you more time to play fetch in the park, we have consulted the stars and rounded up the best way to turn your home into a pawlace based on your dog’s star sign. 

    Home decor for the Aries dog (21 March - 20 April)

    Headstrong, determined, and not afraid of the limelight, Aries dogs are feisty creatures who love to explore their surroundings. Yet, due to their hyperactive nature, they love nothing more than crashing out to enjoy a relaxing afternoon curled up in their favorite corner of the house. Their lucky color is red so if you share your home with an Aries dog definitely add dashes of red throughout your home to reinforce their fiery, passionate nature. Bonus points if their bed, food bowls, and leash are also a shade of red! As Aries dogs are lovers of adventure and can be boisterous at times, create pockets of fun in every room so that your fur baby will feel stimulated and engaged with their home. This can be in the form of a toy box stuffed with games, a large area to play frisbee, or an interactive feeding station to ensure meal times are never dull. 

    Do you know how to decorate your home based on your dog’s zodiac?

    Taurus home decor inspiration for dogs (21 April - 20 May)

    They say that the way to the Taurus dog’s heart is through its belly, so it will come as no surprise that their favorite room of the house is the kitchen. Not just for the tasty treats and leftovers that fall on their plate but because it is the hub of the home where the family gathers. This need for comfort and protection is a common theme in Taurus dogs. Make your home a calming sanctuary full of natural textures and earth tones that will help to ground their nervous souls. Their need to feel secure means that they will be happy with any home decor as long as it involves being close to their pawrents. But, their penchant for luxury means that they will never pass up the chance to enjoy a Spawday complete with a bubble bath and blow-out. For Taurus dogs, their lucky color is green so when it comes to home decor think about a green velvet sofa, botanical prints, and earthy tones for their accessories. 

    How to decorate your home for Gemini dogs (21 May - 20 June)

    Hyperactive, scatty, and happy by nature, Gemini dogs are supercharged bundles of fun. But don’t be fooled, this sign is represented by the twins so expect to be all in or all out at the flick of a switch. To avoid sending your fur baby into a tailspin of excitement choose calming interior decor to encourage them to wind down and feel settled in their home environment. Yellow is a Gemini dog’s color and it matches their happy-go-lucky attitude. Ensure that in every room of the house your Gemini bundle of fur has a nook to hide away in when life becomes overwhelming. Decorate it with yellow pillows, blankets, and toys to create the Ying-Yang relaxed and fun energy that Geminis crave.

    The top trends to decorate your home based on your dog’s zodiac

    Cancer Zodiac home decor inspiration for dogs (21 June - 21 July)

    Cancer dogs are the most emotional of the pack. So much so that they may lead you to believe that they are capable of reading your mind. Their loving nature makes them natural-born worriers so pick out soothing decor that will help them feel secure and connected to their loved ones. A love seat for you and your fur baby is a must for the lounge, meanwhile, calm their nerves with a plug-in water feature that will provide a natural, relaxing soundtrack to your daily routine. As Cancer dogs are governed by the moon, your pup will love silvery, broken white tones as well as watery colors like light blue and green.  

    Leo dog home decor (22 July - 21 August)

    The larger-than-life, superstar attitude of the Leo pup will ensure that they are the center of attention in your home. And, what better way to make them feel like royalty than by building them their own personal castle to sleep in. Whether you choose a pop-up teepee or a beautifully crafted wooden kennel, the Leo dog wants to feel special. So if you were doubting if your pup’s bedroom decor was OTT, the Leo dog will tell you that more is more, and to double up on the glitz and glam. Since this sign is ruled by the lion, turn your bathroom into a grooming parlor where you and your pup can practice creating the latest canine hair-dos. Leo dogs are party pups and often overindulge which means that they will hunt down the comfiest spot in the house for their daily siesta. If you don’t want this to be your bed, create various sleeping nooks around your home for the Leo dog. Bonus points if they are yellow, orange, or regal gold.

    Interior design to please the Virgo pup (22 August - 21 September) 

    One word to describe the Virgo dog? Fussy!! They are the neat police and the Princess and the pea all rolled into one. If their water bowl isn’t fresh enough or their toy box isn’t color coordinated - they will let you know. Due to their fussy nature, these pups relish routine and love to retreat into their private worlds when life gets too much. Soothe that earthy streak with some bold navy blue tones that will make your fur baby feel grounded and protected. But, be careful because the Virgo’s tendency to be serious can often lead to them forgetting their playful side. Make sure that your home is full of stimulating corners for your pup to enjoy. From a snuffle mat corner to a dedicated puzzle room- let your dog put their senses to good use.

    Learn your dog’s star sign and decorate your home based on your dog’s zodiac

    Libra home decor fit for your fur baby (22 September - 21 October)

    Libra dogs are all about balance and they love nothing more than a peaceful home where they can feel at ease. Libra is a sign that is ruled by the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. This means that if there is a diva in the house it is likely to be your fur baby. This pooch has an inclination for the finer things in life - you’ve been warned! They certainly won’t tolerate a messy basket, don’t even think about keeping old, chewed-up toys to play with and if you think that they will eat whatever food you place on their plates, you have another thing coming. They will openly show their disdain for the ordinary so make sure that your home is packed full of luxurious corners for your pup to curl up in. And, since their lucky color is pastel blue you can easily add a touch of elegance to your home decor with some baby blankets and pillows - perfect for making your Libra pup feel pampered.

    Scorpio dog home decoration ideas (22 October - 21 November) 

    Sensitive, sensual and secretive - the Scorpio dog is a passionate pup with a whole lotta love to give. When designing your home for your fall-born pup, try to incorporate various areas where you and your dog can enjoy time together. These can be designated areas such as a built-in dog bed in the kitchen cabinets or simply buying a bed big enough for canine cuddles. Since Scorpios are secretive beings, they will appreciate lots of nooks where they can stash their toys away, far from other playful paws. As a finishing touch, make sure that their passionate side is reflected throughout your home decor and incorporate deep reds and purples into your colour scheme. 

    How to decorate your home for the Sagittarius dog (22 November - 21 December)

    Wow! The Sagittarius dog is a bundle of energy. Their favorite pastime is exploring and they would be happy to be on a dog walk 24/7. But, their home is the place where they recharge their batteries before bounding off on their next adventure. Because of this, fill your home with photos of your precious moments exploring together. Create an art feature with all the sticks collected on your walks and of course a map of all the places you plan to venture to is an absolute must for your Sagittarius dog. It goes without saying that plants (dog-friendly ones) are essential and anything green that will remind your pup of the great outdoors. 

    Decorate your home based on your dog’s zodiac and create a pawlace fit for your furbaby

    Capricorn dog interior design ideas (22 December - 20 January)

    This earth sign pup can sometimes be prone to taking life a little too seriously. They are the Karen of the dog zodiac but underneath their rule-abiding, contemplative nature there is a fun-loving character just waiting to wag its tail. Capricorn dog home decor needs to be full of joyful and light-hearted vibes so that your dog can relax and let the fun side of life liven their spirits. Focus on adding earthy colours such as neutrals, browns and dark greens so that your pup can feel grounded and relaxed. Then encourage them to ruffle their fur by creating designated play areas around the house. A toy box in one room, a scent maze in another and if you have outdoor space try placing a few agility obstacles on your lawn to appeal to the Capricorn’s hard-working nature.

    Home styling fit for the Aquarius dog (21 January - 19 February)

    Hold onto your hat! The Aquarius pup is full of airy independence and is certainly a force to be reckoned with. They say curiosity killed the cat but they had obviously never met an Aquarius dog. They are the most adventurous out of the entire pack which means that no corner of your home is out of bounds for your four-legged friend (or at least that is what they want you to think). Invest in fences and baby gates to contain your whirlwind pup within your space and be sure to provide them with plenty of stimulation. Physical interaction helps to keep them grounded and while they may not be water babies, they would never pass up the chance to be groomed and pampered. Did anyone say spawday? Ensure that your bathroom has a designated grooming corner to make your Aquarius pup feel at home. And, bonus points if it is sky blue - their lucky color. 

    Pisces dog home decor ideas (20 February - 20 March)

    The Pisces pup is a little dreamer, often lost in their imaginary world. They are very emotional signs and will easily pick up on your changes in mood. Create a safe haven for the Pisces dog within your home and incorporate areas for self-care. A meditation corner, an at-home yoga studio or simply their own hideaway den where they can take themselves when life gets too much! These dogs are natural water babies so your bathroom better be big enough for lots of puppy bathtimes. In your backyard, place a doggy pool where they can bathe and play to their heart’s content. Aquamarine is the color best suited to the Pisces dog as it enhances their dreamy, spiritual nature. Choose your pet accessories in this oceanic hue. It will help to balance their watery emotion allowing them to feel safe and relaxed.