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  • January 30, 2022 8 min read

    Are you on the fence about whether or not you need to use a modern dog crate to train your Fido?

    That’s totally understandable. After all, crate training a pup or an adult dog is one of the most important decisions that dog parents will ever make.

    So, if crate training your pooch has crossed your mind, this article will lay things out for you.

    Let’s start!

    Is it cruel to crate a dog?

    is it safe to crate a dog

    You might think it’s cruel to put a dog in modern dog crate furniture because of the lack of open spaces.

    However, dogs actually love it when they have a safe and secure environment to withdraw to in case they feel stressed.

    Take note, though, that you shouldn’t use a modern dog crate all the time. After all, it’s sole purpose is only to help you build a relationship with your pup.

    Additionally, you need to remember that using a dog crate also has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them is a must to avoid potential problems.

    Pros and cons of using a crate


    1) A modern dog crate can help dogs feel safe.

    modern dog crate helps dogs feel safe

    One thing you’ll notice about dogs is that they love having a territory where they can relax and protect themselves from any threats or disturbances. This is where a modern dog crate comes in.

    You’ll also notice that the moment they have the opportunity to stay in a particular spot, they would treasure it. Hence, doing crate training will make your dogs feel safe even when you aren’t around.

    2) A dog crate can help in potty training or housebreaking puppies.

    dog crate can help with potty training

    Puppies have a weak bladder, so they have to pee several times daily. However, because dogs also usually don’t want to contaminate or dirty their dens, they learn to do it outside.

    In this sense, using modern dog crate furniture is effective in housebreaking a pup.

    3) Modern dog crate furniture can ensure safety and prevent destructive behaviors in dogs.

    modern dog crate prevents desctructive behavior in dogs

    Dogs are curious beings, so they tend to snoop around. They may also exhibit various destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture, shredding toys, and digging in the wrong place.

    For this reason, putting them in modern dog crate furniture can help ensure that your dogs are safe from harmful substances and possible dangers. This is especially helpful when you aren’t around.

    4) A modern dog crate can prevent separation anxiety.

    modern dog crate furniture can prevent separation anxiety in dogs

    If your dog quickly gets lonely and has problems associated with separation anxiety, putting them in a crate can help them cope better with their feelings of loneliness.

    Just take note not to lock them up all day in their modern dog crate. Otherwise, they might not get the amount of exercise and social interaction they need to live happily.

    5) Modern dog crate furniture can help transport your dogs when necessary.

    modern dog crate furniture can help in transporting dogs

    If you need to move to a new environment, a modern dog crate can help you in your travels. You can quickly put it in a car, and it can easily and securely carry your dog.

    Another advantage of using a dog crate is that, when you visit a vet, being in a crate will lessen the stress you and your dog may experience while traveling.


    1) A dog crate might cause emotional distress to the dog.

    modern dog crate can cause emotional distress in dogs

    Like any other thing, crate training can also manifest disadvantages.

    One of these includes the possibility of causing emotional discomfort and distress if you put them in a crate for a long period of time.

    It can also cause physical frustration that would result in physical stress. A dog may develop constant licking that would lead to stress sores or pressure on its limbs if it cannot stand properly.

    It may also traumatize your dog if it stays too long in the crate. Some dogs may also develop separation anxiety.

    2) It may cause physical harm if not assembled safely and properly.

    a weakly assembled modern dog crate can physically injure dogs

    You cannot also discount the possibility of physical harm occurring to your dogs if their crates weren’t assembled well. After all, a weakly or improperly assembled dog crate may collapse and injure your beloved pup.

    Another physical harm is when the crate doesn’t have enough ventilation. There are crates where bars are incredibly close together, and this closeness can restrict the air allowed to circulate within.

    You must also consider if your dog is wearing a leash or a collar. The collar might get entangled with the bars and strangle your dog if they wear it while inside the crate.

    What to consider when choosing a modern dog crate

    1) Check the size.

    It is vital to buy the right size of crate for your dog. After all, it can affect both the movement and health of your dog in the long run, so it’s always a must to consider the crate size.

    A small size would be too cramped, while a larger size may solicit unwanted behaviors. Your modern dog crate just needs to have adequate space for your Fido to sleep, stand, and move around.

    2) Think of your dog’s behavior and temperament.

    Choosing the materials for your modern dog crate furniture depends on your dog’s behavior and temperament. A dog with a calming temperament does not necessarily need a powerful and robust steel crate since they are less likely to cause damage.

    However, if your dog is the type to chew on metal connectors, uses his weight and muscle in bending weak spots in wireframes, or is smart enough to unlock latches in opening the door, you should choose a secure heavy-duty steel crate.

    3) Dog crate types

    You should be aware that there are various types of dog crates that you can happily choose from.

    You can opt to buy a heavy-duty metal crate, plastic crate, soft-sided crate, wire crate, or even a stylish wooden crate—whichever perfectly resembles your ideal modern dog crate furniture.

    Make a decision on the crate type you would like to buy based also on your preference for the look you want in your house, materials, and crate functionality.

    4) Durability

    Apart from the things mentioned above, it would help if you also thought about the durability of your crate.

    For instance, if your dog has behavior issues, such as destructive chewing habits, it would be better to choose crates with solid durability.

    You should consider not only the crate itself, but also your latch's durability. However, the durability of the material may not be much of an issue if your dog is well-mannered.

    5) Portability

    If you intend to move the crate around the house often or fold it for storage, you need to choose modern dog crates that are lightweight, easy to carry, or foldable. Some crates are designed to be heavy, so you could only keep them in one location.

    6) Price

    One of the most important things you need to do before looking through all sorts of crate models is set a budget for your desired modern dog crate.

    With all the various crate types, you will find the container that would fit your budget in no time.

    Just make sure that you already know how you want your crate to be since it would be much cheaper to get the right one the first time than to buy another just because the crate you purchased doesn’t meet your needs.

    7) Hygiene

    Look at the features of a crate that makes the crate easy to clean.

    For instance, you might want it to have multiple doors that can help you reach all areas of the container or you might want it to have a removable tray that you can take outside.

    8) Location

    Another factor you have to consider is the functionality of the place where you would put the crate.

    For example, if you only want to use the crate in the family area at night, it’d be best to buy modern dog crate furniture that you can fold away during the day.

    9) Safety

    It’s always essential to check for the safety of the crate. For instance, does it have any sharp edges? Is the latch user-friendly?

    The goal for this is to make sure your dog is safe even when you’re not around and that the modern dog crate can safely contain your dog.

    10) Comfort

    Your dog crate is useless if your pooch won’t feel comfortable being inside it.

    Hence, you might also want to consider putting a bed or padding for extra comfort.

    Tips for using a crate

    tips for using a dog crate

    The best way to crate train your dog starts with finding the right size for your modern dog crate furniture. As mentioned, your dog should have enough space, neither too small nor too big.

    It would also be best if you did not forget to put comfy bedding or padding on the floor of your dog crate. Even clean blankets are enough since they will give your pup extra comfort while they rest.

    Finding the right place to put your crate is an important step. You may put it in a place where your family often gather and spend most of their time.

    This way, your dog can feel comfortable both in exploring the crate and in spending more time in it. You can also put the crate beside your bed at night.

    dog crate training

    A strong reminder: don’t forget command training when using the crate. You have to teach your dog a one-word command to encourage them to enter it when you need them to.

    Nothing works right away, and it all starts with baby steps. Crate training sessions typically begin small and gradually add time in the process.

    Just never force your dog to get used to the crate. Rather, use gentle guidance to coax them.

    Some of the ways you can do this is by serving them dinner in the crate, tossing their toys in the crate and playing with them from there, or offering treats that lure them inside.

    How long should you use a crate?

    If we’re talking about puppies, like those aged seventeen weeks and younger, then you can put them in the crate for up to 4 or 5 hours at a time. As for adult dogs, don’t leave them in the crate for more than 6 to 8 hours.

    Please remember that leaving your dogs at home when they are alone, then putting them in a crate longer than necessary can hurt their mental and physical health.

    When should you not use a crate?

    dog afraid of the crate

    You should always check into your dog if the crate is suitable for them or check the perfect time to use the container. Most importantly, it would help if you observe your dog’s temperament and behavior to determine when not to use a crate.

    For example, if your dog is afraid of the crate even after you’ve trained them with it for some time, then you might have no other choice but to not use it. Avoid using the crate, too, if your pooches have a medical condition that might worsen with crate training.

    In addition, don’t use the crate if you are only going to do it as a punishment or for the sole reason of wanting peace. 

    Using the crate would also be harmful if the length of time exceeds 5 hours or when the temperature is uncomfortably high.

    Is it cruel to crate a dog at night?

    is it cruel to crate a dog at night

    No, it’s not cruel to crate your dog at night. On the contrary, many dogs willingly enter their crates at night to enjoy the safety their modern dog crate provides.

    To make it easier for you, you can place your dog in the crate with a treat and make a cue word in a happy tone. It might also help if you put the crate near you so that you can know right away when your dog whimpers or needs to relieve themselves.


    Crate training has a lot of challenges, but having a modern dog crate will also make things easier for you and your Fido in the long run.

    Not only would it make your dog happy, but you and your family can also enjoy the peace and healthy cohabitation with your pup.