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  • February 28, 2022 6 min read

    Wondering what items you can safely put inside your pup’s modern dog crate?

    Good news: there are several accessories and must-haves you can buy to make your dog feel more comfortable inside their modern dog kennel.

    In fact, here are some ideas on what items you can safely place inside a modern dog crate.

    Why put anything in a modern dog crate?

    Modern dog crate furniture should always be warm and welcoming and make your dog feel comfortable and safe. It should be a place where your dog can be carefree, enjoy their chewing session, or get some much-needed sleep.

    With many modern dog crates looking like a den, putting accessories in it will certainly make it more like an enticing place that brings comfort to your Fido.

    Here are a number of accessories you may want to put in your modern dog kennel:

    6 dog crate modern accessories

    1) Modern dog crate bedding

    modern dog crate bedding

    Having a modern dog crate bedding can help your dog relax and rest their body while in their dog crate.

    Just a piece of advice: when choosing a bedding, make sure you choose one that is waterproof or chew-proof. If you can’t find anything waterproof, then at least choose one that is washable. 

    Recommended brand

    PAWD Pad from KindTail is an excellent choice for a bedding in your modern dog crate furniture. It has both small and medium measures for your dogs with small to medium stature. 

    KindTail’s bedding has luxuriously soft fabric and zipper-free construction and is designed for PAWD crates when collapsed. It’s also made from recycled cotton and polar fleece, making it machine-washable.

    2) Modern dog kennel toys

    modern dog kennel toys

    To prevent your dogs from feeling bored while staying in their modern dog crate, giving them toys to play with is important. There are various types of crate toys, so you have to opt for one that is safe for your precious pup.

    Be sure to choose toys that are appropriate for your dog’s behavior and are sustainable. Popular crate toys usually include interactive puzzle feeders or stuffed plush dog toys.

    Recommended brand

    Qwizl from West Paw company is an example of an interactive puzzle feeder toy that is durable and non-toxic for dogs. You can put treats in it, and at the same time, your dog can also engage with the puzzle part.

    If you want to play using this toy, you can put a bully stick with its long shape and hollow core.

    Can you leave soft toys in your dog crate?

    Bear in mind that you shouldn’t leave soft toys in your pooch’s modern dog crate as much as possible.

    Leaving soft or squeaky toys may encourage your dog to chew or destroy them. And if your pup is still a puppy, they might ingest pieces of the toys instead.

    3) Dog crate food and water

    dog crate food and water

    There is no doubt that you can put dog food and water in your modern dog crate furniture if you’re away from your pup for too long. After all, your dog needs the nutrition appropriate for its body and age.

    However, not all dogs love all kinds of dog foods. At the same time, not all dog foods are suitable for every breed or age.

    Thus, as a dog parent, it is important to know your pup’s preferences and choose the ones that your dog will most likely eat.

    Recommended brand

    One dog food you may want to try is RawBoost Mixers from Instinct. Containing pieces of organ and traditional meats, this freeze-dried raw topper can make dry dog food more delectable in your dog’s mouth.

    Can you leave dog food in the crate?

    As much as possible, avoid leaving dog food in your modern dog crate furniture unless you are crating your dog for more than two hours or more. There is a high chance of your dog knocking over their bowls and getting the crate dirty all over.

    Aside from that, if your dog has free access to food all day, it gives more possibility for more bathroom breaks. What you can do instead is feed them their main meal in the crate and remove it after mealtime.

    Can you leave a pee mat?

    Never leave a pee mat in your modern dog crate. Otherwise, it can be a source of chewing habits for your dogs.

    It can also put an idea in your dog that it is alright to pee in their crates. We recommend pee pads only for puppies in long-term confinement areas.

    Instead of pee pads, you can use potty boxes that use real grass or turf. This way, your pooch will think of these potty boxes as places they are allowed to pee.

    4) Dog crate replacement pan

    dog crate replacement pan

    Accidents happen that may wear and tear the pans in a modern dog crate. This is why replacement pans are a must.

    A dog crate replacement pan is made of durable and tough plastic and lasts for a long time.

    With replacement pans, you don’t need to vacuum the hairs or any debris from your dog all over the place. 

    Recommended brand

    A lot of customers are satisfied with the replacement tray for dog crate pans from Paws & Pals. It can easily collect debris, dirt, and any other mess your Fido can probably make.

    You can simply wipe the tray with a damp washcloth and a soap after removing any waste. You don’t need to worry about the size either because it has a wide range of sizes you can choose from.

    5) Dog crate fan

    dog crate cooling fan

    Too much heat is not good for your dog, especially if you’re residing in a warm region. They may suffer a stroke or dehydration if it’s too hot. 

    One thing you can put in your modern dog kennels can be cooling fans especially made for dog crates. This is especially helpful during the summer when the weather is too hot.

    Recommended brand

    If you’re looking for one of the best cooling fans you can put in your crate, you can check out the cage/crate cooling fan from Metro Vacuum. It has all the basics, and you can easily install it.

    It also has two speed levels with quiet operations, and you can use it on any modern dog crate. It also has an impressive run time, so this is perfect if you feel like your dog is feeling too hot in your room.

    6) Divider panel

    dog crate divider panel

    Usually, a modern dog crate comes with a divider panel. A divider panel is a must in any dog crate, especially if you’re puppies are still growing.

    Recommended brand

    You can try the pets divider panel from Midwest Homes for Pets. A durable steel divider covered with an attractive black e-coat finish, it can prevent rusting and can blend in with your dog crate.

    You can even adjust the length of your crate’s living area with this divider panel as your puppies grow.

    Is it okay to cover your dog’s crate?

    Yes, it’s okay to cover your dog’s crate as long as it doesn’t cover the entire thing. Otherwise, a full cover may block the airflow inside the modern dog crate furniture.

    Sometimes, you may need covers for your dogs to relax easily. The noise and constant movement outside the crate may disturb them and make them anxious.

    On the other hand, you should make sure that the modern dog crate covers you will be using are breathable and placed away from heat sources. Avoid using knit blankets that can easily unravel, and always make sure to monitor inside the crate during the summer for possible heat strokes.

    When should you not use modern dog crate covers?

    Although it’s good to have modern dog crate covers for your dog crate furniture, there are also times that covering your dog crate is unnecessary.

    For instance, we recommend not covering your modern dog crate when your dog is ill so that you can keep a good eye on your sick pup.

    If your dog is a chewer, we also suggest avoiding modern dog crate covers. Otherwise, they may chew strips of cloth and zipper from the cover, which can be dangerous for your pooch.

    All in all

    There are plenty of items you can place inside your modern dog crate furniture to make sure your dog feels comfortable inside.

    You need to see to it that you are providing what your dog needs inside your dog crate, especially if you’re the type who travels often.

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