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  • May 26, 2022 5 min read

    Dog parents have different tastes regarding pet products they want to utilize in raising their furbabies. One example of this is the type of modern dog crate to use that’ll keep Fidos safe and cozy for short periods.

    Dog crates are essential to a dog’s life. They have also developed into various styles, from plastic wire cages to wooden, furniture-style crates.

    There are plenty of options to choose from that can suit both your pooch’s preference and your own style.

    But if you are considering a wooden type and having second thoughts, this article will give you five reasons to choose wooden modern dog crate furniture.


    What is a wooden modern dog crate?

    what is a wooden modern dog crate

    As mentioned above, modern dog crates have come a long way, and usually, what constitutes superior choices for many pet parents are the wooden, furniture-style ones.

    Most crates or dog houses made of wood are treated with water-repellent coatings and anti-thermal agents. This makes it easy to clean, as you only really need a damp cloth to do that.

    In many cases, a mature dog who has been well-trained not to chew and bite is perfect for any modern wooden dog crate.


    5 reasons for choosing a wooden modern dog crate

    1) It looks great in your home.

    One of the many advantages of a wood-style modern dog kennel is that it will always look good in any interior.

    Thus, you can more easily match the interior of your home with a wooden crate than with a plastic or wire one.

    On the other hand, if you want to enhance the beauty of your home from the inside, modern dog crates made of wood are also a natural choice.

    With a good build and matching design, it can serve as a dog crate and a décor at the same time.

    Wooden dog crates are visually pleasing, especially if you choose designs that suit your furniture.


    2) You can place it where your family gathers.

    If you don’t want your furbaby to miss family gatherings, a wooden modern dog crate furniture design will help make it feel less out of place and more like it’s part of the surroundings.

    As such, it won’t be a distraction when your entire family is around.


    3) Your pup can get more privacy and comfort.

    Having a wooden modern dog crate can lessen your dog’s anxiety when you aren’t at home, and they’re alone. You can even add a pillow inside the crate to make it feel cozier.

    Not only that, but the enclosed space that wooden dog crates offer can also give your pet more than a modicum of privacy.


    4) It has excellent functionality in other areas.

    Given the more natural appearance of a modern dog crate made out of fir, birch, pine, or cedar, you can rest assured that it would simply look and act like furniture.

    Therefore, you can have not just a safe space for your pup but also an end table, nightstand, or side table. You can even put vases, magazines, pictures, or decors on top.


    5) It saves space.

    Considering what we said above about dog crates also serving as tables, a wooden dog kennel can save you some space in your home.

    You don’t have to worry about where to put your crate because you can place it where you usually put your tables and easily adjust your placement.


    5 wooden modern dog crates to choose from

    If you are set on choosing a modern dog crate furniture made of wood, here is a list that you may want to consider buying.

    Wooden modern dog crate #1: Internet's Best

    internet's best decorative dog kennel

    This chic-wood style modern dog crate comes in white and espresso colors. Depending on what decor you need, you can choose which color best fit your interior.

    You won’t regret choosing this sturdy, medium-density fibreboard and wire crate since its double side doors have nickel hardware locks for greater security. 

    For your pup’s comfort, it also has a removable pad. The only thing about it is that this wooden crate is suitable for smaller dogs.


    Wooden modern dog crate #2: Mcombo

    mcombo wooden dog crate furniture

    This wooden dog crate made from solid fir is modern and easy to put together and keep. Simply fold and unfold, and you’ll have your very own modern dog crate, ready to use at home or for a road trip to bring your pup in.

    It has two entrances, a solid folding door on top, and a lockable door. You can opt for this if your furbabies weigh at most 45 pounds.


    Wooden modern dog crate #3: Merry Pet

    2-in-1 configurable pet crate and gate

    If you’re looking for a wooden-style crate that you can use as a stand or an end table, this modern dog kennel has a solid and stylish wood veneer that can make your interior look even more attractive.

    You can also use this modern dog crate in two ways: as a kennel and a fence.

    In its kennel mode, your pup can safely and comfortably lounge in it. Meanwhile, you can adjust its four panels in its fence mode to keep your Fidos fenced-in instead.

    It’s available in medium and large sizes, so you don’t have to worry about using it for your small, medium-sized, or even big dogs.


    Wooden modern dog crate #4: Lakota

    lakota wooden dog crate

    This architectural modern dog crate furniture has a unique, wooden triangular frame that blends with your decor and elevates your interior.

    Its elevated base and sturdy legs provide extra stability and durability. It also comes in four sizes to accommodate dogs weighing up to 149 pounds.

    Don’t be too intimidated by its frame because it is easier to assemble than you think.


    Wooden modern dog crate #5: ECOFLEX

    ecoflex wooden dog crate

    This modern dog crate is perfect if you’re looking for a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly crate! It’s elevated and available for pets of all sizes.

    You can choose from four colorways to suit your style and interior. This crate is also environment-friendly because it's made of non-toxic, recycled, and plastic-wood material.


    Summarizing wooden modern dog crates

    We all have our preferences for choosing the best modern dog crate for our pups. The list above should give you an idea of the wooden crates you can consider.

    For more information about modern dog crates, consider reading the following KindTail articles:

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