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  • February 07, 2023 3 min read

    Kids and dogs have mutually beneficial relationships, and each side has an abundance of love to give. Kids are naturally drawn to dogs, whether it’s because of their fluffy tails, playful nature, or their cuddly fur.

    Dogs aren’t just cute pets to play with, they can offer many benefits that can help your child’s development. If you yourself grew up with a cuddly friend of your own, you undoubtedly look back on those fond memories of your childhood and would consider your pup a part of the family.

    We could be a tad bit biased, but kids who grow up with dogs have a different kind of advantage in life. Getting a dog for your baby to grow up with might just be one of the best decisions you can make for your child. So next time your young child begs for a dog, keep the following list in mind. It might make your decision a little bit easier to make.

    Top Advantages of Children Who Have Dogs

    Little girl hugging her dog


    Kids who grow up with dogs see first-hand the amount of responsibility needed to raise a happy, healthy dog. From feeding them, to walking them and bathing them, there are no shortage of responsibilities as a dog owner. Getting kids involved in these responsibilities and duties in their formative years can benefit them in the long-term.

    Emotional Support

    Dogs provide emotional support in more ways than one, and there is no age limit on this emotional support. Having emotional support through the ups and downs of life, and through your most impressionable younger years can form a deep bond between child and canine.


    Research has shown that kids who have dogs are more physically healthy than those who don’t. They’re also less likely to have allergies. Especially in the first year of life, the microbes that pets carry can help strengthen babies’ immune systems. Kids who have dogs are also more likely to be active and spend more time outside.


    Kids who grow up with dogs as pets can boost their self-esteem by feeling accomplished after completing a task related to taking care of or nurturing their dog. Having a constant companion and exposure to unconditional love, besides from their parents of course, doesn’t hurt either.

    Compassion and Empathy

    Learning compassion and empathy from an early age is a major win for kids who grow up with dogs. Being around a dog and all it takes to nurture and take care of them shows young children how to show compassion and empathize with others.

    Cognitive Development

    Dogs can help kids develop or improve their cognitive development from an early age. Dogs can help toddlers learn to talk by their forced daily interactions, even if it’s just babble at first. Before they master the art or language, kids will communicate with their beloved fur baby non-verbally through body language.

    KindTail Pet Crates, Dog Bowls and Pet Loungers

    Our beloved fur babies offer us so much unconditional love and support. They even nurture our children, shaping and molding them into who they will become. In return, the least we can do is offer them a safe haven at home. Give your dog the dog crate they deserve with KindTail’s PAWD, an easily collapsible, lightweight pet crate you can take with you anywhere your family goes. Add in a Porta bowl and a PAWD Pet Lounger and your dog’s love for you will reach new heights.


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