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  • January 18, 2023 7 min read

    How many of these 23 acts of kindness will you practice with your dog this year?

    Start the year off on the right foot and be the person your dog thinks you are: Kind, funny and most of all big-hearted. As we move into 2023, it is time to focus on how we can make the world a better place, for us and our dogs. Dogs are our ride-or-die companions, they deserve to know how much we appreciate them. So, let’s make time in our busy schedules to spoil them rotten. If your dog is already the centre of your attention 24/7 then perhaps share your love with dogs in need. Let’s run through 23 acts of kindness to show our dog how much we care this year.

    1. Treat them to an at-home spaw day

    Show your fur-baby how much they mean to you with an at-home spaw day, it’s the best method to relax and de-stress after a tough day. Although we are pretty sure our dog’s daily routine was not what they had in mind when creating the phrase “dog days”. This is a very easy plan to do at home with your pup. Here are some ideas: water circuits, pedicures, massages, and some chakra balancing to finish it off. Our dogs will be good as new after such a revitalizing experience. Just make sure you are not standing by when they shake themselves off.

    2. Take them on an adventure and plan a road trip together

    Our dogs love spending time with us, and they also love exploring new places, so what better way to combine both than a road trip together? Whether you choose to stay within the state or venture further afield, there is nothing like spending quality time with your pup, especially when you get to discover new destinations together.

    3. Plan a makeshift photoshoot and make a memory book of your fun times together

    What do we love more than talking about our dogs? Showing the world pictures of our dogs. Of course! Grab your camera and begin to snap away. Candid shots never go out of style. Dressing up is optional. But, don’t forget to have treats at the ready to ensure you get the perfect shot.

    4. Bake them delicious and healthy treats

    One of the best aspects of life is food, both cooking and eating it. And as all pawrents know, dogs will NEVER reject anything they can get their paws onto. That is why making delicious, healthy treats is the ultimate form of love language.

    5. Give your home a makeover and include stylish Barkitecture in your home

    Whether you have a Pawd or a generic dog crate, incorporate it into your home as a part of the furniture. From stylish side tables to a fancy, full-blown feature, don’t shy away from placing the crate centre stage. After all, we have to let them know that they have a place in our home as they do in our hearts.

    6. Plan a hike and picnic, taking their favorite meal with you in one of the Kindtail Portabowls

    As we already mentioned before, dogs love a good adventure and exploring new places, so let’s turn it into a plan for a whole day. Pack a good amount of food, and go explore! Our canine companions will have lots of fun hiking and will for sure enjoy the delicacies packed for them.

    7. Spend time each evening giving them a relaxing massage

    Giving our dogs a relaxing massage is the best plan to end the day. This option could also be the equivalent to the spaw day when there is not so much time. Even though we’re busy we still need to show our love for our fur babies, and a massage will send the message.

    8. Snuggle on the sofa together and watch your favorite canine-themed movie

    Although our pups love an adventure, they also love a good snuggle on the sofa. Spending quality time with our dogs is the way to go after a stressful day. It will be very relaxing and a welcome boost to everyone’s mental health.

    9. Teach them some new tricks

    Everyone loves learning something new, especially if it is fun. New tricks are so easy to learn and are sure to put a smile of people’s faces. Let’s not lie, we also enjoy a proud parent moment when we see our fur babies showing off their new skills.

    10. Host a pup pawty 

    What a better way to make our pups happy than hosting a pup pawty for them. Inviting all of their friends over is great for them to socialize, plus a pawty is an awesome excuse to bake some nice treats for everyone (both dogs and pawrents).

    11. Visit the vet

    Yes, this one can be a little bit controversial. Even if they don’t realize it, and they see it as a punishment instead of a gift, going to the vet is necessary. We care about their health and we want to make sure they stay with us forever. So even if they don’t see it, we are doing this for them, and that’s what counts.

    12. Puppy power hour

    Remember when we made all of those home-made Christmas presents with all our love? Now is the time to use them. Organize a puppy power hour to play with your dog, and use all the toys that exercise their minds and bodies.

    13. 100% dog-focused walk 

    The new year is all about detoxing and this includes our digital life too. Next time we go out for a walk, let’s not use our phones, let’s focus only on our canine companions and see what they do. Focusing on their actions is a great way to really connect with them, and what’s more important than connection when sharing a home? 

    14. Go to puppy school to learn how to be a good boy

    What is better than simply having a dog? Having a well behaved dog. And as all pawrents know, our little creatures have a lust for life and a taste for adventure. Going to a puppy school will teach them how to be good while still having lots of fun.

    15. Doga session

    Yoga is very good for  humans, but it is also very good for pets. Planning a doga session for us and our pups is simpler than we might think. Doing some research on youtube can be all we need to find a simple routine. Then we’re ready for a morning of restoring doga to balance our chakras and start the day on the right foot.

    Choose one of these 23 acts of kindness to show how much your dog means to you.

    If your dog has everything be kind to others.

    We can do many things for our pets at home, but there are so many that don’t have a family. Do your bit for the less fortunate dogs too.

    16. Donate dog toys to a shelter

    Going through our dog’s toys and donating the ones that they no longer use to a shelter is very easy and it can make some pups especially happy. It is also a good approach when wanting to declutter our own dog-toy-basket. Just make sure your dog is out of the room when you do this or you may risk a renewed interest in a long forgotten toy. 

    17. Offer your time as a volunteer

    Shelters need a lot of maintenance, and sometimes the people working there simply can’t do it all. Some dogs don’t get the attention they need. That is why volunteering at a shelter is a great opportunity to make rescue dogs happy, playing with them and showing them some love. It will make their day!

    18. Foster a dog 

    Fostering a dog is a great option for people who can’t commit to adopting a dog, since they can’t have it for a long period of time, but they could still have them for a little bit. It is also very nice for giving puppies a nice childhood outside of the shelter, socializing with other dogs and humans. 

    19. Share publications on social media to encourage others to adopt

    Spread the word!! A lot of people have never even thought about the possibility of adopting a dog. A lot of people think they have to buy a dog in order to have one, not realizing that adopting is so much better. And a lot of them don’t even know where to go. Sharing information on social media is a great strategy to show people how good and easy it is to adopt!

    20. Donate pet food to local charities

    Feeding dogs is a lot of work, as all pawrents know. They are black holes that can ingest inhumane amounts of food and still want more after. Now imagine feeding a whole shelter, crazy right? Donating pet food to local charities that get the food to the shelters is a great help for them. It wouldn’t cost very much but it would mean the world to them.

    21. Donate blankets to a shelter 

    We can’t take all the dogs from the shelter home, but we can try to keep them warm. Donating some blankets can be a very easy solution for the cold nights at the shelter. It is not only a way to keep them warm, but also turn the crates into a cozy and fluffy den.

    22. Host a fundraiser 

    Host a fundraiser not only to spread awareness, but also encourage people to take action, and give them a plan to take action. Bake sales, car washes or even home clearance - the list of ideas is endless.

    23. Give a talk in your local community center

    Also related to spreading the word, here’s another method: giving talks at local community centers. There are so many people who don’t have social media and can’t see half of the information that is shared online, so this approach is perfect to give them all the information they miss.

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