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  • August 30, 2022 2 min read

    Crates are safe havens for our pets. It’s where they seek shelter, comfort, and relaxation. In addition to the emotional benefits of pet crates, crates also make house and potty training easier, make travel easier, and provide safety and security for your beloved pet. All in all, choosing the right pet crate is essential to their wellbeing.

    You might be wondering how to choose the right pet crate when there are so many options. KindTail can help make this decision for you by providing all the most desirable features pet crates have to offer.

    Top Pet Crate Features

    Size Matters

    The size of your pet crate is one of the most important steps in choosing the right one. There should be enough room for your pet to stand up, turn over, and sit comfortably inside the crate. KindTail’s PAWDs conveniently come in small and medium sizes to fit the needs of various dog breeds. Below are our PAWD measurements for reference:

    SMALL PAWDs Small pet crates measure 21L x 16H x 15.75W in

    MEDIUM PAWDs Medium pet crates measure 26L x 21H x 20W in


    Keep travel in mind when choosing a pet crate. When bringing your pet anywhere, whether it’s across town to your parents’ house or across the state, your pet crate should make traveling with your dog a breeze. KindTail makes modern, collapsible, and lightweight dog and pet crates that are easy to travel with.


    We admit, this one might be a little more beneficial for the owner than for our pets, but it’s only reasonable to consider how your pet crate blends into your home. KindTail’s PAWDs come in various colors that will fit nicely into your home’s decor, while providing a beautiful and modern design that is aesthetically pleasing. Dog crate furniture is popular amongst pet parents who value style in addition to all the various pet crate benefits.


    Keeping our pets safe is one of our top priorities as pawrents, so it’s only natural that we would seek a pet crate that provides the utmost safety and security. Look for a pet crate with safe, no sharp edges or corners, that is also both BPA and toxin-free.


    Durability and quality are more important factors when choosing the right pet crate. You want the best of the best for your pet, with high quality materials that will last. The pet crate you choose should be a safe haven for your pet, with no possibility of breaking or getting damaged.

    Desirable Pet Crate Features Conclusion

    Give your fur baby the most stylish, comfortable home-away-from-home with KindTail’s PAWD. Not only do our pet crates provide style, safety, and durability, they’re also easy to clean, lightweight and modern. Your pet crate can easily blend into to your home’s design, while delivering all the same benefits the best pet crates on the market can provide.


    Upgrade your pet crate to a PAWLACE with KindTail’s PAWDs, modern, collapsible plastic dog and pet crates. PAWD® is an easily collapsible, safe, and lightweight nesting space that provides the coziest space for your fur baby. Contact us for more information today!


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