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  • August 31, 2022 2 min read

    Our cherished fur babies deserve nothing but the best! This philosophy is what influenced the creation of KindTail’s PAWD. PAWDs are designed with our pets’ comfort in mind, while making it easy for us to integrate a pet crate into our homes as well as on-the-go. We’ve created a comfortable, stylish, and versatile nesting space that easily integrates into modern homes for dog breeds of all sizes.

    The Small PAWD will fit pets around 5 lbs to 15 lbs., but this will depend on your pet's proportions. Some dogs that weigh less are too tall for the pod, so make sure to double check the dimensions.

    • Small PAWDs measure 21L x 16H x 15.75W in.
    • Collapsed Small PAWDs measure 21L x 3.5H x 15.75W in.

    If you’re a pawrent wondering if your small dog’s specific breed will fit into the Small PAWD, here are some examples of small dog breeds that fit perfectly into this dog crate.


    Chihuahua sitting at attention

    Chihuahuas only weigh up to 6lbs., so they’re the perfect size for our Small PAWD and on the low end of the weight limit. In fact, Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds.


    Cavapoo surrounded by flowers

    Cavapoos are on the heavier end of dog breeds that fit the Small PAWD, ranging from 12-25lbs. In effect, some Cavapoos won’t fit into the small PAWD if they’re on the higher end of the breed’s weight specifications.

    Toy Goldendoodle

    Toy goldendoodle wearing a ribbon

    Full sized Goldendoodles won’t fit in the Small PAWD, but toy Goldendoodles will. Toy Goldendoodles weigh from 10-20lbs, so the majority of them will fit into KindTail’s Small PAWD.

    Mini Daschund

    Brown daschund

    Again, a lot of full sized Dachunds will be too large for the small PAWD but will fit into the Medium PAWD. However, miniature Daschunds are 11lbs. or less, so they are a great breed for the Small PAWD.


    Cockapoo wearing purple collar

    Cockapoos can range anywhere from 12-24lbs. on average, so not all Cockapoos will fit into the Small PAWD and might need to upgrade to the Medium PAWD. Small PAWDs are for cockapoos on the smaller end of the weight specifications.



    Pomeranians only weigh up to 7lbs., joining the Chihuahua as one of the smallest dog breeds. Pomeranians are known for their small stature, making them an ideal breed for the Small PAWD.



    Maltese dogs only weigh up to 8lbs. These white-haired fur babies are easy to bring along on our travels and will fit nicely into the Small PAWD.

    Boston Terrier

    Boston terrier

    Depending on how big your Boston Terrier is, they might need the Small or Medium PAWD. Since Boston Terriers range from 10-25lbs., some will fit into the Small PAWD while others are too heavy.




    Upgrade your pet crate to a PAWLACE with KindTail’s PAWDs, a modern collapsible plastic dog and pet crate. PAWD® is an easily collapsible, safe, and lightweight nesting space that provides the coziest space for your fur baby. Contact us for more information today!


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