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  • January 15, 2022 5 min read

    Just like humans, animals have it hard, too. Some animals are born with disabilities or, along the way, may become disabled.

    What’s incredible about disabled animals, though, is that they don’t let any disabilities hinder their path to happiness and contentment.

    In fact, here are inspiring animals that will make you want to survive against all odds and live life to the fullest.


    11 animals with disabilities

    1) Chase No Face

    chase no face disabled animal


    From her affectionate nickname itself, Chase is a cat living her life even while missing a nose, eyelids, an upper lip, most of the fur on her face, and a hind leg.

    She is a special needs cat and, with her positive outlook and perseverance, is the poster child for animals with disabilities.

    Chase was around four months old when a car ran over her. Veterinarians at  Chevy Chase Animal Clinic in Kentucky worked to save her life, and that is where her owner, Melissa, took care of her and decided to keep Chase permanently.

    Challenges are no biggie for Chase, who still keeps on jumping and climbing furniture despite losing a hind leg. She reminds us that despite an unfortunate accident, one can still lead a happy and normal life.


    2) Kenny the Inbred White Tiger

    kenny the inbred white tiger


    White tigers are rare because they are a product of a specific genetic defect replicated by inbreeding. This gives them their white color, makes them cross-eyed, and makes them suffer from other deformities as well.

    In Kenny’s case, a private breeder in the U.S. selectively inbred Kenny from a brother and a sister. Because of this, Kenny developed multiple developmental deformities, including distinctive facial features consisting of a wide face, short snout, and a huge underbite.

    Despite his death in 2008, Kenny’s story is a constant reminder of the ugly side of the exotic animal breeding industry.


    3) Oskar the Blind Cat

    oskar the blind cat


    Animals are special regardless of their disabilities, and Oskar is one of the pets who proved that.

    Oskar came to this world with a severe form of microphthalmia, which prevented his eyes from growing properly and developing. 

    At a young age, Oskar was first found on a farm and rescued by loving parents. Around 2011, he shot to Internet stardom after his owners posted YouTube clips of him playing with his first toys even with his blindness.

    With his presence alone, Oskar portrayed a sunny disposition that made fans feel that he never let his disability get in the way of having a good and enjoyable life. Sadly, the precious cat died in 2018 due to an apparent heart attack.


    4) Hoppa the Roller Dog


    hoppa the roller dog


    Hoppa is an adorable mixed-breed pooch that came to this world without front legs. Despite the care and affection his owner showered him, he still had a lot of trouble walking around without his front legs.

    Fortunately, an animal-loving art student, who aimed to ease the life of pets with abnormalities or with amputated limbs, invented a roller machine that solved Hoppa’s problem.

    The customized wheeling device changed Hoppa’s life and gave him more capacity to actively perform the activities he wanted to do.

    A lively dog deserves such inventions, and it inspires how humans can make a significant impact on another being’s life.


    5) Faith the Two-Legged Wonder Dog

    faith the two-legged wonder dog


    Faith is a Chow-Lab cross that was born deformed at the flea market. Her canine mother almost suffocated Faith by lying on top of her. Fortunately, she was rescued in the nick of time by the son of her human mom, Jude.

    Veterinarians suggested euthanizing the puppy because of its deformities, but Faith’s human family rallied to save the dog.

    Jude’s family eventually encouraged Faith to sit up to avoid damaging her chest and neck. With this constant encouragement, Faith managed to walk upright on two legs. Later on, her hop, jog or walk became a symbol for overcoming disabilities.


    6) Lil Bub

    lil bub


    Lil Bub, officially Lil BUB, is a diminutive brown cat with a protruding jaw and no teeth. Although a runt of a healthy feline litter from rural Indiana, she’s one of those special animals with several disabilities.

    One of the distinctive features Lil Bub had was that she was a perma-kitten with saucer-sized eyes. She also had several genetic mutations, such as a shorter lower jaw, absence of teeth, and an extra digit on each of her four paws.

    In 2011, Lil Bub started to become famous, and since then, she has become an advocate for animals with disabilities and homeless animals.

    Sadly, she passed away in her sleep last 2019. She is a sweet angel who still inspires people even after her death.


    7) Daisy the Deaf-Blind Rescue Dog

    Daisy the deaf blind dog


    Daisy is born blind and deaf, so she learned to navigate with only her senses of smell and touch to guide herself. Her first family and foster family gave her up, and Daisy started to distrust humans.

    Later in life, when the Faresh family of Studio City took her in, they had to work hard in earning her trust again. The family baby-proofed everything in their home to cushion Daisy whenever she accidentally crashed into corners.

    With all the family’s efforts, Daisy started to feel comfortable and learned to trust them. She also started exploring her new surroundings.

    Daisy’s case illustrated the challenges that come in special animals’ lives. However, she also served as an inspiration when it comes to how rewarding it can be to care for a disabled animal.


    8) Dudley the Disabled Cow

    dudley the disabled cow


    At a month old, Dudley was taken away from his mother and ended up at a cattle ranch to fatten him up for slaughter.

    During his ordeal, a bailing twine accidentally tangled with Dudley's foot. After several days with no help, the injury cut off all the circulation to his foot, causing it to sever.

    With the worsening injury causing Dudley’s body to deteriorate, the rancher felt sorry and eventually called the Gentle Barn to help the disabled cow live well for the rest of his life.

    Unfortunately, Dudley passed away in 2017 due to a ruptured ulcer. Nonetheless, many of the people he inspired will never forget Dudley’s perseverance to live.


    9) Sheba the Elbow-Walking Pup

    sheba the elbow-walking pup


    Sheba was a sweet dog born with a congenital disability, which affected her ability to use her front paws for walking. Although she was rescued by an animal shelter in the South, it was possible she would have been euthanized.

    Fortunately, the owners of Rescue Dogs Rock, a foster-based rescue, discovered Sheba and transferred her to New York, where she could get the help she needed.

    Sadly, Sheba died in 2018, but she continues to inspire us that despite any disabilities, we all deserve to live.


    10) Coal the Bionic Dog

    coal the bionic dog


    Coal lost his leg in a battle against cancer, so veterinarians suggested putting Coal down because his other legs would no longer be able to support his weight. However, his owner, Reg, was determined that they would both stay together, so he sought out any kind of help and treatment he could find. 

    The treatment didn’t come cheap, but with the help of a bionic vet, Coal got to enjoy a sophisticated bionic leg that worked with his own tissue.


    11) Rowan the German Spitz

    rowan the blind german spitz dog


    Rowan is special, indeed, in the way he navigates his world. Since he was born without eyes, he moves and gets around well for only using echolocations from his barks.

    He serves as an inspiration even for human viewers that just because you don’t have something mean the end since there will always be a way to make something out of it.