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  • December 30, 2021 4 min read

    Choosing the best indoor dog kennels is not an easy job, especially when you have to consider every feature before selecting the right one for your adorable Fido.

    But which features should you look for in a kennel to know it’s the best kennel choice for their needs?

    In this article, we’ll walk you through the top features you need to look for in an indoor dog kennel.


    Why do you need an indoor dog kennel?

    You aren’t the only one who needs space inside your house; even your dog needs theirs, too.

    why you need an indoor dog kennel

    Pups need to feel safe and comfortable inside your home, and a dog kennel is the best way to solve that concern.

    In line with this, indoor dog kennels are a fabulous tool for house training and potty training your pooch. You can also put your furbaby in a kennel when you want to teach them how to differentiate between what’s right and wrong.

    There’s also no need to worry about money when buying dog kennels indoor since they are cheaper than building fences. Additionally, whenever you are out of the house or on travels, you can be at ease when you let your dog stay in their kennel.

    7 indoor dog kennel features to consider

    1) Size

    Size matters when choosing indoor dog kennels. After all, dogs need space to move around for sitting, standing, turning around, and for a bit of playing.


    consider the size of your indoor dog kennel

    Apart from that, you need to take into consideration the fact that various canine breeds have different growth spurts.

    For instance, if you have a puppy, you have to estimate how big it would grow. But if you already have an adult dog, no need to worry over this since the size of your indoor dog kennels for sale will likely remain the same.

    The good news is that you can put dividers into your kennel if your puppy is still small or has too much space. On the other hand, if you have large dogs, you’ll have to buy large indoor dog kennels for them to feel comfortable.

    2) Sturdiness

    One crucial thing you should not forget when looking for dog kennels indoor is to check their materials. Knowing their durability and sturdiness is vital since they will become your dogs’ little homes.

    Some pups are more boisterous than others and would not hesitate to chew their way out, while others are simply solemn and can avoid chewing their surroundings.

    sturdy dog kennel

    Thus, when choosing your dog kennels, be sure to look at the sturdiness of the materials used in building your indoor dog kennels.

    3) Portability

    Another factor you have to ponder is how portable your kennel should be. For example, a small and lightweight indoor dog kennel is perfect for you if you travel a lot and prefer to bring your pooches with you. 

    You also need to consider when you will rearrange or move the furniture inside your house in the future, including the dog kennels. If you want a kennel that you can quickly transfer and transport, extra-large indoor dog kennels are out of the question unless they are the soft type.

    To this end, you have to check your indoor dog kennel’s portability while considering the activities you want to do with your dogs.

    4) Convenience

    convenient dog kennel indoors for sale

    Convenience is another feature you need to take into account when looking at an indoor dog kennel.

    For instance, would you prefer a lightweight kennel, or would you rather use a heavyweight kennel? You also need to see if it has a top-loading design or has a multi-door design so that it’s convenient to access.

    If you’re the type of pet mom or dad who wants to keep your dog kennels in another area of the house, you may want to choose between foldable and non-foldable ones for your convenience.

    5) How comfortable it is for your dog

    Your dog kennels indoor would defeat their purpose if your pup doesn’t feel comfortable inside and tends to avoid being inside the kennel.

    comfortable dog kennel

    So, make sure to always check in with your dog before choosing a kennel to lower the chances of your furbaby turning out to hate it.

    6) Cost

    Prices constantly change, but regardless, always choose a kennel that fits your budget and would last for a long time. Dog kennels indoor are relatively expensive, but they can be a long-term investment as far as the cost of owning a dog is concerned.

    If you’re thinking of a kennel that will last longer, it is always better to select those with better quality. Those with better quality have higher prices, but it costs less to buy one than to buy a number of cheap indoor dog kennels for sale that your dogs can easily break for years.

    7) Puppy safety

    It’s always important to check if the kennel is a safe place for your dog. After all, it’s going to be their resting area and their comfort zone when everything feels chaotic for them.

    how safe is your dog kennel for your puppy

    Indoor dog kennels help keep puppies and dogs out of trouble and give them areas to get away from kids and other pets for a time of relaxation. Dogs may feel irritated if they cannot have enough rest, especially when kids and other pets tend not to know when to stop nagging their dogs.



    It’s not always easy to choose indoor dog kennels for your dogs, especially when you want the best for them.

    Just keep in mind these features to look out for when you buy one to make the most out of your choice.