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  • September 16, 2021 6 min read

    Are you tired of your dogs tearing things up inside your house and peeing wherever they feel like it?

    Training your four-legged companions to love their modern, decorative dog crates may help.

    In this article, we will outline the advantages you can get from dog crate training and tips on how to crate train your Fidos.

    Let’s get started.

    What is crate training?

    Crate training is the process of grooming your dog to acknowledge its crate as a safe spot for settling down.

    It aims to help your pup feel more comfortable and secure while being confined in the crate.

    Crate training can consume quite the time and effort depending on your dog’s personality. However, it’s worth the while with all the benefits it can bring to both you and your dog.

    The benefits of crate training

    1) It serves as a safe space for your dog.

    Your Fido can enjoy the security of its PAWD decorative dog crate when it’s feeling tired, unwell, or even stressed. It’s the place where your dog can retreat to for relaxation and comfort.

    9 Training Hacks to Get Your Dog to Love His Modern Dog Crate

    2) It teaches your dog to learn to control its bowel movements.

    Canines instinctively keep their sleeping areas clean. By crate training them, your fur babies will learn to strengthen their bladder and control their bowel movements.

    3) It makes your life easier.

    As an owner, you can rest assured that your dog (and the things in your household) will stay safe even when you go out for work or leisure. A modern dog kennel will also allow you to bring your dog on your travels without a fuss.

    9 tips on how to crate train your dog

    1) Choose the best crate for your dog.

    Each dog has an environment it feels comfortable in, so selecting a crate that corresponds to their size, habits, and preference is important.

    For example, if your puppy likes chewing a lot, crates with metal elements may be the perfect fit. Some modern dog kennels are also adjustable and ideal for growing Fidos.

    2) Take things slowly.

    Bear in mind that the goal of crate training is to make your dog trust its modern dog crate.

    Since gaining one’s trust is a slow process, you need to give your dogs time to explore the crate by themselves so they won't feel intimidated.

    One method you can start with is by putting your dog inside its crate for a few minutes while you’re standing nearby. If your fur baby shows the slightest sign of distress, you can take it out and try again later.

    This way, your dog will become accustomed to its crate over time.

    3) Give rewards.

    9 Training Hacks to Get Your Dog to Love His Modern Dog Crate

    Rewarding your dogs with treats for entering and staying inside the crate is also a good way to go. It conditions them to associate rewards with their crate. The more they enter the crate for treats, the more they’ll get used to it. 

    4) Make the crate a familiar place.

    You can also place your canine’s toys near the decorative dog crate to get your puppy more familiar with its crate. Putting a bed inside is also a practical option.

    5) Practice with dog meals.

    Another step you can take to get your dog used to the crate is by feeding him his meal near the kennel or, eventually, inside it. You can do this by slowly edging the dog bowl towards the crate with each successive feeding.

    Once your Fido feels comfortable enough, you can then close the door and open it right after he finishes the meal. Eventually, you can leave him in the crate a few minutes longer, until your dog becomes less and less anxious while staying inside.

    6) Prime your dog for extended crating periods.

    This step may require you to use treats encourage your four-legged companion to enter the crate voluntarily. Once he’s inside, reward him with praises and treats before closing the door.

    Once you’ve done that, sit silently near the kennel for a few minutes, then go to another room. After a short while, return to where your crated dog is, sit quietly again, then let him out.

    Do this frequently each day, gradually increasing the time you leave your pet inside the crate and the time you’re out of its sight.

    7) Keep calm.

    When crate training your pet, it’s important that you remain calm and adopt a relaxed atmosphere around the crate. Canines tend to attribute emotional responses to the objects around them.

    8) Increase activities with your pet near the cage.

    Increasing your activities near the crate can also help. By playing around the box, your dog will learn to view it as a safe place to play and be.

    9) Crate your dog when you go to sleep.

    At night, place your crate in the bedroom or near your bed, then make your dog go inside the kennel with your usual command and treats.

    This process will help your Fido feel more comfortable with the crate, and you can hear them if they want to go outside to pee or defecate. 

    10 modern decorative dog crate ideas

    1) Dog crates made of rattan

    If you have a well-behaved dog and like a more casual and versatile crate model, a modern dog crate made of rattan may be perfect for you.

    You can use this crate inside your house and even on your patio. However, dogs that chew a lot are better off with metallic crates.

    2) Dog crates with delicate designs

    9 Training Hacks to Get Your Dog to Love His Modern Dog Crate

    Another idea for a dog crate that screams of “modernity” is one that looks feminine, chic, or ornately designed. Some pet parents also consider dog crates with light or pastel colors as modern.

    3) Stylish dog crates with plenty of spaces

    If you have multiple dogs or a giant dog, modern dog kennels with ample spaces and sturdy materials may be your jam. A dog crate in this style can be a decorative corner for your potted flowers, framed pictures, and souvenirs.

    4) Dome-shaped dog crates

    For pet parents who prefer something fancy, a dome-shaped crate designed for indoor use might be what you’re looking for.

    A geometric steel wire construction for the bed and a soft cushion from durable lime fabric, for instance, would very much be a welcome addition for your pups.

    5) Portable and foldable crates

    Do you often travel and constantly worry about your fur baby at home?

    Well, you don’t have to leave them behind anymore. There are a lot of portable crates today that are perfect for training, indoor, outdoor, and even travel purposes.

    This modern dog crate option we have is also foldable, so you can bring your dog everywhere you go.

    6) Round-shaped dog crate furniture

    If you prefer a high-end crate that acts as a round end table, this type of crate would be perfect and make your home look more stylish.

    A modern dog crate idea like this would look best with durable fiberglass and a starburst cut-out pattern on the sides.

    7) With bed on top and a crate beneath it

    9 Training Hacks to Get Your Dog to Love His Modern Dog Crate


    Another unique idea for a decorative dog crate is one that’s capable of accommodating both your and your dog’s needs. So, how about a dog kennel with a bed on top?

    You can pair your sturdy and stylish king-sized beds with a built-in metal crate underneath.

    8) Traditional, modern crates

    Having a traditional living room is not a problem when choosing modern dog crate furniture.

    You can look for those with features that mirror your other furniture and consider those with neutral hues.

    9) Versatile wood dog crates

    To avoid making your dog crate look out of place in any of your rooms, a modern dog crate with natural wood design is your safest pick. Not only would it look like a traditional side table, but you can also put anything on top of it.

    10) Themed on-the-go dog crate

    One of the most eye-catching ideas for modern dog kennels is a dog crate that comes with a theme and ready-to-stroll function. It’s suitable for training and travelling and even allows you to exhibit some of your personality.


    The tips and ideas we discussed above should help you decide your next course of action for training your dogs to love their modern dog crates.

    Although dog crate training is a slow and grinding process, the results are all worth the effort. By the end of the training, you should be able to enjoy your trips with your dog to the fullest.